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What Your Child Will Learn At Yellow Brick Road

When you choose a childcare center for your little one, we know you want the best. You want a childcare center that helps your child learn and grow. You want them to be cared for, to get the attention they need, and to develop new skills. You don’t just want any childcare center, you want Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center.

At Yellow Brick Road, your child will be able to grow and develop while they get the best possible care. With locations in Plymouth, Minnetonka, Maple Grove, and Eden Prairie, we provide our excellent child care services throughout Minnesota.

With programs that are for children ranging from six weeks old to five years old, we can help your little one learn, grow, and develop every step of the way, preparing them for the next stage of their lives.

In this blog, we are going to talk about what your children will learn during their time in our early childhood development center. Read on to learn more and contact Yellow Brick Road with any questions you may have!

Infant Program

During this phase in your child’s life, they are learning and growing a lot more than you may realize. Which is why it is important that they are at a childcare center that can help them thrive at this stage in their life.

Our small class sizes ensure that your little one gets the care and attention they need. Our infant program can help your baby begin to develop their senses, coordination, and work on motor skills. Our curriculum is created to help infants grow and develop as much as possible. From tummy time to our daily routine to our Creative Curriculum, we make sure that every aspect of the day is beneficial to your child in one way or another.

Your child will develop social skills, emotional skills, begin to recognize patterns, work on language development, and so much more. This is an important time in your infant’s life and we will work with your infant every step of the way to ensure they are right on track for the next step in their lives.

Wobbler Program

Our wobbler program is the next step in your child’s time at Yellow Brick Road. This program is for toddlers and works to further improve and develop different skills and abilities. We create a stimulating and nurturing environment that allows kiddos to thrive.

This program is for children who are between 12 months and 24 months. Our child-to-teacher ratio is still low in this program, allowing your kiddo to get the care and attention they need.

Your kiddo will be working on social-emotional growth during their time in this program. They will be able to connect with other students, make friends, and learn how to interact with others. This is the time when we will build your kiddos foundation for their academic life, allowing them to get a headstart. From language development to motor skills, your child will take the skills they learned in the infant program and further develop them.

Explorers Program

During the next year of your child’s life, they will be a part of our explorer program, and they will be learning so much more. Now that your child has developed the necessary skills and behaviors to thrive in a school setting, we will begin working on your child’s academics and help them get a jumpstart on their education.

This program is for two to three-year-olds and focuses on a variety of topics. During their time in this program, your child will learn and develop skills in music and rhythm, language, motor skills, and social skills.

At Yellow Brick Road, we give your kids the tools they need to truly thrive. Our curriculum is designed to help them grow and further develop their skills. Our explorers will have a ton of time to interact with others and work in groups, they will be given time for intentional play, and follow a variety of lessons that will teach them the basics and set them up for future success.

Preschool Program

Many parents believe that preschool is the most important grade, and while we are not going to disagree, we also believe that our programs leading up to preschool can help set your kiddo up for success. Preschool is where your child will test everything they have learned up until this point and begin preparing for kindergarten.

During your kiddos time in our preschool program, they will learn basic math skills, literacy skills, improve their language development, and continue to work on their social skills. Our program is designed to help them put to use everything they have learned in our earlier program and help them improve those skills.

Your child will be participating in group and individual lessons, activities, and playtime. They will be given a chance to explore what interests them and learn about the world around them. Our teachers encourage the kiddos to be curious and follow their desire to learn.

Pre-K Program

Our pre-k program is the last program at Yellow Brick Road that will allow your child to get ready for the next step in their academic lives. Our pre-k program focuses on academics and furthering your kiddos knowledge and abilities.

They will improve their literacy, math, and social skills, while also developing new skills. Our pre-k program puts a lot of focus on kindergarten readiness and we do our job to help ensure each student is where they should be.

Your child will be able to write their name, count to 20 or 30, names basic shapes, and so much more! We will make sure your kiddo is ready for the next chapter mentally, emotionally, socially, and academically.

All of our programs work together to create a foundation that will allow your child to thrive in their academic lives. If you want to give your child the jumpstart they need to thrive in both school and the real world, Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center is the perfect choice. We will help your child develop skills, learn, and grow. Contact us today to learn more!