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What Makes Our Child Care Center Different

We know that as a parent, you want to choose what is best for your child. There are many things that make Yellow Brick Road the best choice for your child. Learn more and be sure to schedule a tour at one of our locations!


We know that child care is expensive and it can be hard to justify spending so much for your child to attend a child care center so you can work. It is estimated that about nine percent of a family’s income goes to child care each year. While early child care may seem like a waste, there are actually some of the most important years of your child’s life and we can help them build the best foundation for their future. However, we know that you have other bills to pay, which is why we offer our child care services at a price you can feel good about while still being a sustainable business. We will provide your child with high-quality care without making you break the bank. 

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We don’t want you to ever be left in the dark about your child’s development, what they are learning, and how they are doing at our child care center. That is why we have communication as one of our core values. At Yellow Brick Road, we use the Kangaroo Time app so that we can have two-way communication with our parents. You will receive push notifications that will give you updates about your child throughout the day. This allows you to feel comfortable with leaving your child at our child care center. 

Please click here for more information about Kangarootime. 


While this may not seem like something that matters when it comes to finding the right child care center, it really does. When teachers are taken care of and feel as though they matter, they are more likely to actually care about the work they are doing. While teachers don’t get into teaching for the money, they will put more effort into teaching and providing children with the care they need.

At Yellow Brick Road, our teachers are the heart of the program. While our child care programs cost less, we pay our teachers more than the competition. We know that we would be nothing without our amazing teachers so we want to provide them with a career, not a job. 

Engaged & Caring Owners

The owners of Yellow Brick Road, Jessica Johnsen and Kylie Schrader, are on-site each and every day. They run all our YBR locations together and care about each and every family that we serve in these areas. To them, our child care center is something special and they work hard to make sure teachers, parents, and students are happy. Having our owners on-site means that they will be able to handle any issues, answer your questions, and know exactly what is going on in their child care centers. 


Another great reason to choose Yellow Brick Road is that we offer enrichment programs. You spend enough time driving your children around to different activities. Instead of rushing around to different activities, you can enjoy more quality time with your children because of our enrichment programs. We offer Soccer Shots, Tippy Toes,  and Growing With Music as our enrichment programs that your child can choose from. By offering these programs at our child care center, you can relax and stop rushing to different activities. Be sure to learn more about our enrichment programs now!

At Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center, we strive to be a child care center that you are proud to send your children to. We are not just another child care center, we are a child care center that will put focus on helping your child develop a love for learning, teach your child new skills, and make sure they are building a foundation that will help them now and in the future. 

If you are interested in YBR, be sure to schedule a tour at on of our locations. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our child care center, programs, or what makes us different. Contact us today!

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