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At Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center in Minnesota, we want to provide your child with the best child care possible, while allowing you to get to spend quality time with them as well. That is why we offer enrichment programs! These enrichment programs allow your child to participate in different activities throughout the week at our child care center so that you don’t have to worry about running to different activities after you pick them up from YBR.

These programs are an additional cost that is paid directly to the provider. During your child’s regular day at our child care center, they can take part in one of these fun activities. Learn more about our enrichment programs below and be sure to contact us today! Enjoy evenings and weekends with your child, they can enjoy their activities at our child care center.


If you want to sign your child up for soccer, this is the perfect enrichment program for them! Soccer Shots is a fun and engaging child’s soccer program. The team from Soccer Shots focuses on providing best-in-class coaching, a soccer curriculum, and communication. Through this soccer program, your child will focus on building character and developing new skills. The coaches are trained to provide an expert-approved curriculum that meets early childhood education standards. 

If you are looking to sign your child up for soccer anyways, Soccer Shots is a great choice! Not only will they learn the rules of soccer, develop new skills, and build character, but they will have a ton of fun doing it! Soccer is a great way for your child to stay active, have fun, and find a new interest.

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Dance is a fun activity for your child to try out and this program is a great way for them to do just that! Tippi Toes is a high-energy dance class that your child will love. In this enrichment program, they will be introduced to ballet, tap, and jazz. These dance classes will start with a warm-up and stretching. Your child will also be encouraged to use their imagination to help them better understand the art and create their own dances.

In this dance class, your child will learn dance techniques, terms, and examples, allowing them to better understand the art and enjoy the movement! This is a fun activity that can keep your child active and help boost their creativity and confidence. 


Tennis is a fun sport that many families enjoy playing together. If you want your child to learn tennis, Tennis Time is a great enrichment program for them! The team at Tennis Time has been teaching children about the sport since 2010. This tennis program uses small rackets, low compression balls, and small portable nets, making it possible to set up little tennis courts at our child care center!

In Tennis Time, your child will learn a variety of new skills. They will learn forehands, backhands, serves, grips, swings, hand-eye coordination, balance, and so much more! This is a fun enrichment program that will help your child learn the basics of tennis and keep them active.

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Music is something that every child loves and if you want your little one to be a part of a music program, Growing With Music is a great choice. This enrichment program is designed to help children learn through music and movement. This fun program can help your child with socialization, communication, motor skills, and more! 

Music programs can help boost your child’s creativity, language skills, and confidence. If you want to sign your child up for a music class, Growing With Music can be the perfect option. They will be able to explore with sounds and learn some fun stuff about music!

These extracurricular activities are fun and beneficial for children. Since we offer these enrichment programs at our child care center, you can sign your child up for the one they want to try easily. With these enrichment programs offered at our center, you can spend more time with your child and spend less time rushing from activity to activity. Contact Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center today to learn more! Your child will love any of these enrichment programs!

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