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Celebrating “I Love to Read” Month at Our Childcare Center

celebrating love to read month

February is not just about Valentine’s Day; it’s also a time when we celebrate the joy of reading! At Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center, we are thrilled to join in the nationwide celebration of “I Love to Read” Month. As advocates for early childhood literacy, we believe that fostering a love for reading from an early age sets the foundation for a lifetime of learning and exploration.

Why Reading Matters in Early Childhood

Reading is more than just a fundamental skill; it’s a gateway to imagination, knowledge, and empathy. Research shows that children who are exposed to books and reading early in life tend to perform better academically, develop stronger language skills, and exhibit greater creativity. Moreover, reading together creates bonding moments between children and caregivers, nurturing emotional connections and a sense of security.

Our Commitment to Literacy

At Yellow Brick Road, we are committed to creating a literacy-rich environment where children can thrive. From our cozy reading nooks to our diverse collection of age-appropriate books, we strive to make reading an integral part of each child’s daily experience. Our educators understand the importance of incorporating literacy into every aspect of the curriculum, whether through storytelling, dramatic play, or hands-on activities.

Exciting Activities for “I Love to Read” Month

i love to read month

To celebrate “I Love to Read” Month, we have planned a variety of engaging activities that will ignite our children’s passion for books and storytelling:

  1. Special Reader Visits: We have invited parents, grandparents, special friends, and more to read their books to the children, providing them with the opportunity to interact with real-life storytellers and learn about the creative process behind writing.
  2. Book Swaps: We encourage families to participate in a book swap where children can bring in gently used books to exchange with their peers. This promotes the idea of sharing and introduces children to new stories and genres.
  3. Book Election: Our teachers, staff and kids have selected books at their schools to vote on a total favorite book for their location.
  4. Literacy-themed Arts and Crafts: Children will have the chance to express their creativity through literacy-themed arts and crafts activities, such as making storybook character puppets or designing their own book covers.
  5. Dress-Up as Favorite Book Characters: To ignite their imagination, children are encouraged to dress up as their favorite book characters for a special “Literary Dress-Up Day.” From Harry Potter to The Very Hungry Caterpillar, the possibilities are endless!
dress up and read at preschool

Join Us in Cultivating a Love for Reading

As we celebrate “I Love to Read” Month, we invite families to join us in cultivating a love for reading in their children. Whether it’s setting aside time for nightly story sessions, visiting the local library together, or simply engaging in conversations about books, every effort counts in nurturing a lifelong passion for learning and discovery.

feb 2nd love to read friday
book swap day
book election day

At Yellow Brick Road, we believe that every child deserves the gift of literacy, and we are committed to empowering them to become avid readers and lifelong learners. Together, let’s embark on a journey of exploration and imagination through the wonderful world of books!

Happy “I Love to Read” Month!