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Facts on Infant Development

From the time your child is born until they have their first birthday, the amount of growth and brain development they experience is astonishing. As experts in infant child care, Yellow Brick Road in Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Plymouth, and Maple Grove have some amazing facts regarding your baby’s growth in the first year. Take a minute to marvel at how we all get our start in life, and contact Yellow Brick Road for the best in infant care, preschool, and more!

Brainiac Babies

Did you know that in your baby’s first year their brain will double to become half of its final size? There’s so much brain growth that happens during this time. It’s no wonder that your child’s earliest years are the most critical to their overall development. Our child care center has a few more fun brain facts for you (and your baby, too!).

Understanding Words

For centuries, it was believed that babies didn’t really understand what was being said to them. We know that babies can hear sounds when they’re in the womb, and can subsequently hear noises from birth and on.

A study done in 2012 shows that between the ages of six and nine months, babies actually understand a lot of common nouns — foods and people in particular. Just another reason to keep talking to your infant, you’re helping their language comprehension!

Getting Used to New Things

From the time your baby is born until they’re three months old, it takes them about 5-10 minutes to adapt to something new. Which makes sense, considering everything is new to them at this point! However, this time cuts down drastically at three months — they’ll get used to new situations in 30 seconds to two minutes. By the age of six months, your baby’s adjustment time will be less than 30 seconds — all of this in less than a year!

Brain Energy

More than half of an infant’s expended energy goes directly towards their brain. This is because a baby’s brain is growing at unparalleled rates compared to the rest of their lives. Whereas adults use 25 percent of their metabolic energy for their brain, infants use 60 percent.

Additionally, babies are all born “early.” Their brains are underdeveloped and their heads are smaller on purpose, so that they may safely be born without causing harm to themselves or the mother. Some researchers consider the first three months after a baby is born as the fourth trimester — infants at this age still prefer to be treated as though they are in utero.

A Few More Facts

  • Babies have tons more tastebuds than adults. In addition to tastebuds on their tongue, they also have them all throughout their mouth! These go away with time.
  • One in 2,000 babies will be born with a full set of teeth! Interestingly enough, this happened to both Napoleon Bonaparte and Julius Caesar.
  • Babies are born with 300 bones, while adults have 206. A baby’s bones will fuse over time, which is why they’ll have less later in life.

How can I help my infant grow?

Proper love, nutrition, and care are the most important things you can give to your child, according to the CDC. Families have trusted Yellow Brick Road for years, knowing the exceptional child care we provide. Your child is the most important part of your life, and with our child care center, they’ll receive the care they need to help them thrive, and you’ll receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re in the best possible care. Contact us today to tour one of our four locations in the Minneapolis area — we look forward to meeting with you!