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Preparing Your Child For the New School Year

As the days slowly get cooler and the retail stores start stocking Halloween decorations, it is clear that summer is coming to an end. This may excite some parents and disappoint many kids, but the year must go on! Whether your kiddos are younger and new to the whole school routine, or you pulled your children out of their child care center for the summer to spend some quality family time together, getting them ready to go back can make the transition easier.

At Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center, we know that getting back into the school (and work) routine can be difficult, which is why we are going to help you out by offering tips to help prepare your kiddos, and possibly yourself, for returning to the daily grind.

No matter what age your children are and whether they are in grade school or attend our child care center, these tips will help! Start the new school year off right and get your little ones excited to jump back in to the learning and fun.

In this blog, we are going to give you different tips for preparing your kiddos for heading back to school. Read on if you have been dreading this time of year just as much as your children.

Get The Right Stuff

If your child is starting a new year of elementary school, you will want to get them the proper supplies. School supply shopping can be fun and exciting for children, not so much for parents. Trying to navigate the crowded aisles of the store can bring any parent to their boiling point. But for the kiddos, this is the fun part. They get to pick out a cool new backpack, lunch box, colorful folders, and a pencil box. Getting these new school supplies can get kiddos excited for the school year ahead.

If your kiddo is attending Yellow Brick Road in Maple Grove, you will likely not need to buy them any new school supplies — unless, of course, you don’t want to leave them out of all the fun. Getting them school supplies to use at home is a fun way to get them excited as well!

Send Them to School in Style

A first day of school outfit is one of the most important outfits a child will wear, at least that is how they see it. Having the coolest Jurassic Park shirt and light-up sneakers can help them make friends. While this is not really true, your children will feel stylish and ready for their first day. A first day of school outfit is just one extra thing that can help your children look forward to this day, just make sure they don’t wear it beforehand, this will ruin the excitement and purpose of the first day of school outfit.

Meet The Teacher

Your little one will be nervous on their first day of school, especially if they are starting kindergarten or this is their first time attending Yellow Brick Road. Meeting the teachers and touring the school beforehand is a great way to calm their nerves and help them feel more prepared on the first day. Try to set up a meeting with the teacher, many teachers will set up a meeting for all the students. If your kiddo will be starting Yellow Brick Road soon or sometime in the future, schedule a free tour or contact us to set up a meeting with our caring staff! We will be happy to welcome you and your little one into our school and show them around so that they are more comfortable on their first day.

Talk About School

If your child is very nervous about starting school or heading to our child care center for the first time, try to talk to them about school. Tell them what is fun about going to school, what you loved about school as a youngster, and what they should look forward to. Ask them what they are excited to learn about or what about school seems fun to them. Talking about school and reading them children’s books about starting school is a great way to help them wrap their precious little minds around the concept of school and that it can be fun! You don’t want your children going into the first day not knowing what to expect; talking to them can help avoid this.

Leave a Note

If you send your child to school with a packed lunch, which we think you should, leave a note in the lunch. Not only will they love having your famous peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but they will also love finding a note in their lunch box from you. This is something special that will help make the rest of their day better. This is a simple thing way to improve their first day.

Meet a Friend

Having your child meet a friend before the first day may seem tricky but it can really help them feel more comfortable and confident. If the teacher or school has a “meet the teacher” day before the school year officially begins, or if you tour Yellow Brick Road with your kiddo before their first day, try to introduce them to some of the other children. If there are other parents there, you could even try setting up a playdate before the first day to help build that friendship. While you can’t force your child to be friends with certain kids, this could be the difference between them having a great first day and a terrible first day. Going into anything new without knowing anyone can be really hard and scary. While we get used to it as we get older, your kiddo will love seeing a familiar face walking into their the classroom on their very first day.

Figure Out Transportation

If you live close to the school, we recommend walking with your little student every day, or at least in the beginning. Walking to school is a great way to spend time together, get some fresh air, and save some money on gas. But walking to school with your little one on the first day will help make them feel more relaxed and may take their mind off their nerves. If you cannot walk to school, figure out a system that they can use to get to school. Are you going to drive them every day? Are they going to take the bus? Figuring this out and even practicing it can help your student feel more prepared for their first day. Plan on a meetup spot if you are picking them up in a car or on foot, so that they know where to head after school.

These are just a few of the many tips that you can use to help prepare your child for the new school year. The first day can be scary and your child will likely feel nervous. Helping them prepare can ensure they feel more comfortable and even excited about their first day. Whether your kiddo is heading to elementary school or starting their first day at Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center, these tips can help you prepare your kiddo for their first day!

Learn more about our child care center and enroll your kiddo at our Maple Grove location today! We look forward to helping your child get started on their love for learning and school!