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Unique and Fun Summer Activities for Your Kids

Whether you have children in grade school or younger kiddos who go to daycare, summer is great for spending quality time with them. Taking some days off of work and planning days of fun with your children can help you reconnect and help make long-lasting memories that they will cherish. If you don’t have to go to work during the summer, you will be able to spend every day enjoying time with your little ones. But if you do have to work and plan to take a few days off throughout the summer, you have to make them count!

We know that planning summer activities for you and your kiddos can be difficult, but there are so many easy, fun, and creative activities that you can plan that your kids will love. Spend time outside, stay active, and have fun together, that is what summer is all about!

At Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center, we can keep your kids busy and learning during the summer days that you have to work. But we want you to be able to enjoy your time with them as well! In this blog, we are going to go over some ideas and tips to make your summer days with the kids more enjoyable and memorable.

Read our previous blog to get more ideas and start planning your summer with the kiddos and read on for ideas on how to make this summer the best yet!

Start a Lemonade Stand

Every kid needs to have their own lemonade stand at least once in their lives. It is a right of passage. Help your kiddos open and lemonade stand and sit back to enjoy the sun while they learn a thing or two about business. You can even help them if they are really young. While they may not make a lot of money, you are doing this for fun, not for the money. The process of opening a stand is the fun part. Help them decorate signs and set up the lemonade stand. This is a fun thing for children to do, and with the money they do make, they can buy that toy they have been wanting. This is a good way to show your kiddos that hard work pays off!

Tie-Dye Shirts

Summer is a great time to tie-dye shirts and you can do it outside without getting your home messy! Whether you are tie-dying for the Fourth of July or just for fun, your children will love making their own shirt and seeing the end results. You can find dye kits at just about any craft store. All you have to do is buy white t-shirts for each of your kids (and yourself!) and follow the instructions. This is a great activity that can teach your children a thing or two about patients, since they have to wait to see the results and can help spark their creative side.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is not only super fun, but it is also a great way to get your children outside and active. Plan a scavenger hunt that will take your children around some of your family’s favorite areas and end with a prize, like ice cream! Leave clues in different areas and help them find each of the clues, you can make it even more active and have the clues scattered throughout town. Ride your bikes around to find the clues and keep your kiddos active. This is a simple way of tricking your children to go on a bike ride or stay active, but they will be having fun as well!

Plant Flowers

Flowers can liven up any yard! Work with your kids to add color and a personal touch to your landscaping. Head to a greenhouse and have your kiddos pick out flowers that they want to plant. Get each of your kids a ceramic pot that they can paint and plant their flowers in. Allow your kids to decorate their pots with paint and then help them plant their flowers. This is fun for the kids and can help your yard look better. Even though they are working, they will have fun and love seeing their flowers every day throughout the summer!

Be Tourists

Being a tourist in your hometown is one activity that many people do not think about. You know all the hot spots in your town, but what about the less well-known spots. Take your kids exploring in your own town — head to the museum you have never been to, try a new ice cream shop, explore parks and natural areas, and visit places that you didn’t know existed. This is a great way to find the hidden gems of your town and teach your children to try new things. A little spontaneity never hurt anyone!

Plan a Movie Night

If you have a video projector, or have a friend who has one, take it outside and project a movie on your garage. Get chairs, blankets, snacks, and your pajamas and watch their favorite movie outside! Your kids will love being able to sit under that stars and watch their favorite characters on the “big screen,” and it will be fun for you as well! If you do not have a projector, a movie night inside can be fun as well! Build a fort with your kiddos that you can all cuddle in while watching the movie.

Summer is a great time for family activities because it is warm, the nights are beautiful, and you can spend entire days enjoying the outdoors. We want you to enjoy summer with your children as much as you possibly can! That is why we are giving you so many awesome tips and ideas. Use these activity ideas to get your kiddos outside and active this summer and start making those memories! And don’t forget the ice cream.

At Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center, we work hard to help your kids learn and grow in a fun and engaging way, these activities can help with that as well! Contact us to learn more.