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Benefits Of Learning To Read At An Early Age

Reading is one thing you will use throughout your entire life. You read every day—signs, text messages, emails, books, newspapers, recipes, and so much more. While some people may not enjoy reading books, reading is still an important skill to have, and learning to read at a young age can be very beneficial.

Teaching your children to read at an early age can help them advance throughout many different aspects of their lives and can prepare them for a great academic future. At Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center, we understand the importance of reading and helping students learn at an earlier age. But this truly starts at home.

Children can experience many advantages by learning to read at a young age. According to Teach Reading Early, these advantages include:

  • Educational
  • Neurological
  • Social
  • Linguistic
  • Psychological


Reading will obviously help your kids in education, advancing them and helping them get to a higher level. But reading can help children develop a love for learning, can improve grades overall, and can result in better concentration and attention span.

Learning to read at an earlier age can also help kids become more aware of what they are reading and understand it better. They will learn from their surroundings and have a better knowledge of the world. It is more likely that children who learn to read at an earlier age become lifelong readers.


A child learns at a faster pacer in the first six years of their life than at any other time. Teaching youngsters to read at a young age helps to develop a child’s brain. Children will learn faster, meaning that the learning process has a huge influence on the function and development of a child’s brain. If a parent reads to their child, links in brain cells are strengthened and new ones are formed.


There are always students in school who have higher academic ability than others. And children are aware of this. Teaching your child to read at a young age will help them be more advanced and feel confident among their peers. They will be able to relate more with their peers and will feel better knowing they are at the same level as other children.

Knowing how to read early can help a child develop a self-confidence and help them stand out among friends and in the classroom.


Reading, writing, and speaking are all connected. A child who knows how to read early on will have better vocabulary, use correct grammar, have improved writing, be better at spelling, and more articulated speech. These are great skills to have, no matter what a child’s future holds.

These skills will be with them and help them throughout their entire lives. These skills will open doors for different opportunities. Children with a better vocabulary will be able to better describe feeling, experiences, and their knowledge. And being able to speak in an advanced and articulate manner will help them when meeting new people.


Reading promotes maturity and discipline. When children learn to read at an early age, they will be curious about the places, people, and things they are reading about. As children learn new things from the books they read, they will become more curious about these things and continue learning.

Reading also can help a child become more creative and imaginative, allowing them to think in a creative and unique way.

Teaching your child to read before they enter into a school system can help make the process easier for them. They will be able to learn at their own pace, on their own time, and not feel pressure from other students and teachers. This can help your children to become confident readers before entering into a classroom and having to worry about reading in front of others. Teaching a child to read before they are forced to learn can make the task more of a treat than work, allowing them to enjoy reading rather than feeling as though it is a chore.

These are a few of the reasons why teaching students to read at an early age is important. They will benefit greatly and carry this lesson throughout their entire lives. Start young and start by just reading to them, slowly showing them how it is done.

More Benefits

Not only will your children benefit from all of these life advantages, but they will also benefit in other ways. If you spend time reading to them every day, you will build a better bond with them, creating a stronger relationship, and spend some important one-on-one time together.

Your children will also have better skills when it comes to logical thinking. They will be about to understand abstract thoughts. They will be able to recognize cause and effect. And they will develop a sense of good judgement. They will also understand how to deal with new experiences and develop a way to deal with stress.

Your kid will benefit in many different ways, with clear advantages throughout their school years and their entire lives. Yellow Brick Road knows the importance of learning this task early, we implement learning the alphabet and reading and hope your child is well ahead of the game thanks to all the hard work you put in.

Learn more about Yellow Brick Road today, and remember to start the reading process early! In our next blog we will go over different strategies to help your child learn how to read and the best ways to implement reading into their lives. Get started today, you won’t regret it and your children will thank you.