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Choosing A Quality Daycare: What To Know

Entrusting your child to a care provider, whether everyday or a few days a week, is a very humbling act of trust. You should never second guess the providers interacting with your child, or what they are being taught in their atmosphere. Unfortunately, quality child care can be difficult to come across. Finding a center that balances education and individual nurturing and growth can be about as simple as finding a needle in a haystack. At Yellow Brick Road, we stand by our staff and the quality care we ensure. We believe in providing a healthy, loving atmosphere for you child, and encourage you to look for a few key components when you choose a daycare for you beloved little one.


Moreover, a reputation, as it can exceed experience. Knowing some background information on your potential child care provider will help ease concerns. Word of mouth is often the best way to hear of a reputable daycare center, though it’s not the only way. Check out local listing reviews, look into the background of the company and their interactions with prior or current families. Experience and a solid reputation are sure-fire ways to have a daycare center crawl up your list as a potential choice.

Play I Spy

One of the best ways to determine the quality of a daycare is watching them in action. Stop by the few centers you are curious about and watch how the staff interact with the kids, each other, and what the children are engaging in. For instance, if you go to a daycare and see a group of children simply sitting in front of the television and you’re looking to have more interaction for your childcare, you won’t want to choose that particular one. Even if you have been referred to a daycare, checking it out yourself is always a good idea. You know what you want for you child, and you will want to know the environment for yourself. Specifically, if you have an infant, ensuring they have a separate space to be tended to, but not snuggled too much by the other toddlers, is extremely important. Having a well designed layout for a daycare is critical to the overall learning environment and growth of each child.


Above all, we as parents understand there are instincts that inherently come with your children. Regardless if you have friends promising the quality of a place up and down, or you check into the establishment and things seem to be in order- if you have a lack of confidence in your gut, take a step back. As parents, we are responsible for the well-being of our children and want to give them the best opportunities. Relying on your instincts is often a wise choice, especially when it pertains to entrusting your little one into the care of another. Trust them! Confide in your spouse or close family members if needed for added support or healthy input.


At Yellow Brick Road, we are passionate about building up your little ones and providing a safe place for them to learn and grow. Our staff is qualified and focused on being nurturing and encouraging to each little one we interact with, and helping them become who they are as individuals. Utilizing the gold curriculum, we embrace each child with a mentality and goal to provide exceptional and quality education, at an affordable rate. We invite you to come tour our center and join the Yellow Brick Road family, today.