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Spring Activities for Your Little One


Spring has sprung! Even though we face multiple snow threats here in the midwest, the hint of spring in the air is enough to give you the itch to get out and get active. With your little ones being cooped up inside all winter, the anticipation of sunny warm days is almost too much to handle. For those teeter-totter weather days in these next few months, sometimes it’s necessary to keep the spirit of spring alive. Today we are going to talk about a few spring sensory activities you and your little one can engage in that will enjoy and learn from.

Green Thumb

A great activity to start with your little one during spring fever is the planting of a garden. Ideally for toddlers, this is a great opportunity to help them embrace all that is outside: the dirt, plants and bugs. Showing them the process needed for plants to grow is a wonderful cornerstone to teach them early on, and getting to play in the dirt with a parent is a great memory for any kid to have! Perhaps even more beneficial, starting a garden will create an opportunity for follow through as the seasons continue.

Plant Picking

As you prepare to plant your seeds, take a shopping trip to decide what should grow in your garden, it can be anything from flowers or a bush, to a full fledged vegetable garden if you choose. You and your little one can watch the things you planted, grow, remove weeds, and water them together. If you decide to grow vegetables or fruit, you will have the fun experience of enjoying them on your dinner table come fall. All in all, gardens provide a unique and fun opportunity for education and healthy interactions with your little one.

Bird Homes

A common choice for most spring activities, the birdhouse! This one typically doesn’t disappoint its participants. Bird houses can be a simple home, or they can be build in conjunction with bird feed. Feel free to let them get creative with this one. Use paint, buttons, craft moss, sequins and whatever else you can think of! Once you’ve finished, hang the birdhouse outside, preferably near a window where you two can identify the different visitors you will have.

Old Mc. Donald

What better way to teach your little one what cow and pig sounds like, than to take them to experience it? Regardless of age, farms are kid friendly in nearly any age bracket. Taking a day at the farm is a great way for kids to interact with livestock, and often times they allow petting and even feeding. Sensory learning is extremely effective at a young age, allowing this interaction to be equally educational as it is fun.

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