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Tips For Easy Daycare Pick-Ups

Just imagine it. You’ve had a long and frustrating day at the office. You get out to your car, only to discover someone dented it. On the way to pick up your child from child care, you’re stuck in horrible traffic. You need something, anything, to go easily for you. But you have this sneaking sensation that, once you arrive, you’ll engage in a protracted battle with your son or daughter. You see, they aren’t quite ready to head home. Sure, your child is glad to see you, but they want what they want, and what they want is more playtime.

childcare-picAs parents, we know that daycare is a special place for our kids. It’s a place they spend time at to learn, grow, and play. It’s a place specifically designed to play to their strengths. It’s a place constructed for safety and security. Can you blame them? Of course, they don’t want to leave! But there’s a time to head home, the trick is to make the transition as seamless and smooth as possible. Keep reading for a few handy tips to make the pick-up process easier for everybody.

End-of-the-day Debriefing

When you arrive, after you let your child know you’re there, take a few minutes to speak with your child’s teachers. They can let you know how the day went, address any problems that may have arisen, and give you a heads-up on any upcoming activities.

Collect Their Things

A smart move is to gather up all of your child’s stuff and bag it up first. Grab lunchboxes, any clothing that needs to come home, water bottles, and any special toys like stuffed animals that your kid likes to hold onto. The last thing you need is the realization that your child forgot their prized stuffed polar bear at the daycare facility, and the place is closed for the day.

Breathing Room

The same thing goes for drop-offs, but allow a little extra time for pick-up so that you’re not in a rush. Rushing will stress out both you and your child, and that’s not something either of you need. If you’ve had a difficult day, take a moment before heading into day care to shake off the stress. If it means you’re going to be late to your next destination, it’s okay. A little lateness isn’t the end of the world.

Communicate Events

Take the time to talk to your child about what you’re going to do at home. You can say things like, “Let’s go home and see mommy,” or “When we get home, you can help daddy make dinner tonight.” Doing that can provide a welcome distraction and give your child something fun to focus on. The name of the game with children, especially younger ones, is consistency. If your child is used to 5 minutes of playtime after you arrive, you need to stick with that. However, if the plan is going to change and you need to leave immediately with them, take the time to prepare them ahead of time. Children are far more resilient than adults give them credit for, but you need to get them ready when the routine changes.


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