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Activities that Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

Learning how to live a happy and healthy life is something that all children deserve, and the sooner that they get this knowledge, the better. Here at Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center, we couldn’t agree more. This is exactly why we want to provide children with the education that they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

In today’s blog, our team is going to touch on a few of the activities that you can do with your child to help promote a healthy lifestyle. A majority of the points that we’re going to go over are things that you do on a daily basis as is, making it all the easier to fit them into your schedule with your little one. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


A healthy lifestyle always circles back to the food that we’re putting in our body, which is why it’s so important that children learn about food and how to prepare it. All too often, parents feel as though cooking is a dangerous activity for children to partake in. While there are knives and appliances that could be dangerous, they definitely don’t need to be with your supervision. 

By teaching your child to cook at an early age, they not only get exposure to healthy choices in regards to food, but they get to apply math as well. If you haven’t shared the experience of cooking with your little one yet, start by allowing them to help you with dinner and work your way up to helping them with small cooking projects. 


There’s no doubt about it, exercise is one of the most popular factors associated with healthy living. The fun part about this particular focus is that there are so many ways that you can exercise and get your child about it. Whether you choose to go on family walks with the dog every night or you opt for a game of soccer in the park with their friends, there are plenty of ways that children can get some exercise in each day. 

Since younger children haven’t had the chance to try all forms of exercise or the variation of sports that exist, it could be worth it to enroll them in a few different classes to figure out where their interest lies. If they find something that they enjoy doing, the chances of them participating in that particular form of exercise are all the more likely. 

Encourage Active Play

Young children spend a majority of their free time playing with other children in the neighborhood, and while it may seem like they’re just goofing around, the play that they’re doing is incredibly beneficial for their bodies. Whether they’re playing in the form of riding bikes, climbing trees, or throwing a football, all of these means of play are considered exercise. The best part about them playing in these variations is that they don’t feel as though they’re exercising. For that reason, we always suggest that parents encourage active play. 

Drinking Water

Given how active children are, it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that they can quickly get dehydrated while playing outside. That is why you should express the importance of drinking water to your children. This should be the primary beverage that they’re sipping on during meals but it should also be custom for them to bring a water bottle with them wherever they’re going. Whether they’re heading to the park to play with friends or to school for the day, make sure that they have a water bottle with them and set goals at the beginning of the day. If your child is not excited about drinking water, try and find a water bottle that they like so that they are more inclined to sip on water throughout the day. 

Enroll Your Child Today

Here at Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center, we know that routine exercise and healthy eating make a difference. That is why you will see both of these factors within our facility. If you’re interested in learning more about our facility, you have questions, or you’d like to enroll your child, we would be more than happy to help you. Contact our office today to get started.