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Books To Help Your Child Learn To Read

Teaching your child to read doesn’t have to be a challenge, in fact it can be fun and rewarding. You will be proud when you children can actually read the words on a page rather than just memorise what happens on each page. There are many ways you can help your child to learn how to read, from labeling items in your home and working on the alphabet, to reading to them and having them read to you. Working with them daily will help them learn and improve.

When your child begins to read, you will want to find books that are easy enough for them to read and help them learn. Reading picture books to them and allowing them to follow along can help them grasp language and begin recognizing words.

But you are not the only one who can teach your child to read. They can also get practice and learn more about language at Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center. If you child is attending our school, or will be in the future, they will be learning the alphabet and developing their reading skills throughout the years. So your child will be improving at home and while in our care.

In this blog we will go over some of the best book to read with your child that can help them learn and develop their skills.

The Lessons Book

A book that has become popular over the years and help your child learn to read by teaching them all of the possible sounds each letter can make. This book is “Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons”. This book outlines all the different sounds a letter can make and how they sound when two letters are together, like “sh”.

This book teaches your child sounds like a long “e” and a short “e”. This book changes the look, allowing them to know how to sound out the word correctly and when to use which sound for the letters. Sounding out words phonetically is how children learn the words and ultimately how to read.

The book of lessons is also great for parents. Many parents do not know how to teach their children how to read, and while there are many methods out there and parents can develop their own, this book can help. This book walks the parents through the lessons as they do the same for their children.

This book breaks it down, helping parents lead their children through lessons, helping children learn the sounds of letters, and teaching them to read! If you are a parent and have no idea how to teach your children how to begin reading this book could be your life saver.

Dr. Seuss Books

As your child learns how to read, Dr. Seuss books can help them develop their reading. Books like “Hop On Pop” contain words that are easier to sound our and short little rhymes on each page. Some Dr. Seuss books may be better to save for when you child is older and has an easier time sounding out each word.

“Green Eggs And Ham” is another great book for kids. This book offers a lot of repetition and allows for children to pick up on patterns. They may have trouble memorising the words as well which will help you catch them in the act and tell them to sound out the different words.

Other Dr. Seuss books including “The Foot Book”, “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”, and “The Shape of Me and Other Stuff” are great books that can help your child develop their reading once they reach a certain level. Some Dr. Seuss may be too difficult for them, but they can start working towards those as they improve.

I Can Read!™

The I Can Read! books are great for teaching your children to read. They come in different reading levels, starting at My Very First and going all the way up to Level 4: Advanced Reading. The beginning books can help children learn their sounds better with “Tug The Pup” books.

As they advance to the next levels, they will be able to read books that you may recognize the characters for. The Berenstain Bears, Amelia Bedelia, and other books that many people grew up on make an appearance in the levels later on. These books are great because as your child develops their skills and makes it through the different levels, they can watch their own progress and get excited when the reach level 4!

Reading To Them

While teach your kids to read using these book may help them out, reading to them has its advantages as well. First of all, it is great to spend time with them like this and allow them to hear how different words are said. As they learn to read, they will be able to follow along and tell what words you are reading, this can help them with fluency and pronunciation.

Reading to your children is fun for them but also helps them learn more reading skills. You will be able to teach them while reading to them at night or after you get home from work. Never forget how important it is to read to your children, chances are this is how you learned how to read.

Work with your child daily and we will as well! At Yellow Brick Road, you child will learn how to read and be given different lessons to help them develop their skills. Learn more about our school and contact us with any questions.