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Halloween Crafts To Do With Your Kiddos

Halloween is an exciting time for kids, as well as for many adults. Children get to dress up as their favorite Disney character, superhero, dinosaur, or sports figure and run from house to house collecting candy. What’s not to love?

Halloween, much like other holidays, also makes a great theme for fun crafts. And if we know anything, it is that kids love candy and crafts, making Halloween a wonderful holiday for children. Crafts are a great activity when it comes to encouraging children to use their creativity. At Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center, we know the importance of stimulating a child’s creativity, curiosity, and development. Crafts can help with all of these things.

So, with Halloween a week away, we are going to go over some fun and simple crafts you can do with your toddler. Carving pumpkins is obviously a classic Halloween craft, but until your kiddos get older, make sure you are the one doing the cutting. There is also always the option of decorating your pumpkins with stickers, the kid friendly option.

Let’s take a look at some other spooky crafts that your children will love!

Puffy Ghosts

These cute and simple ghosts, from Thriving Home, are fun for the kids and require minimal materials. Hang these ghosts around your home to get in the holiday spirit and allow your children to show off their hard work.

For this craft, you will need:

  • White cardstock paper
  • Cotton balls
  • Black paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

To get your kiddos started, cut a ghost shape out of the white cardstock. This ghost doesn’t have to be perfect and they can all be different. Once the ghosts are all cut out, your kids can start gluing the cotton balls onto the ghost. If your children have trouble with using a moderate amount of glue, you can help them with this part. Cover the ghost cutout completely with cotton balls and make sure they are glued on securely. Next, cut out the face! Your kids can decide whether they want a friendly and happy ghost or a spooky ghost. Help them cut out the faces and have them glue them onto the top of the cotton balls. Once these puffy ghosts are dry, you can add a string to them and hang them throughout your home, or pin them to the wall! And voila! These ghosts are done.