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5 Tips For Building a Great Relationship With Your Day Care

When you’re considering having a child, or you’ve just gotten pregnant, you may think that you have child care all figured out. But the fact is, things can change very quickly, and you might have to make all new plans. The world of picking a child care center, the right one for you and your kiddo, can become complex.

relationship-picHowever, like many things in life, the process doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, many people make it more difficult than it truly needs to be. The real trick to finding the right day care is to build a solid relationship with them. A facility that wants the best for your child, like you do, is one that’s worth working with. Take a breath. Relax. You got this. Read on, because we’re going to share a few tips for building the best possible relationship with your child’s day care.

  1. One of the many jobs you perform as a parent is to be your child’s advocate. As infants or toddlers, they don’t have a voice and can’t speak up for themselves. That’s up to you. When you’re talking with your day care provider, don’t be afraid to speak up. If you have questions or concerns, say something. Your child’s teachers and the facility management do their best, but they may not realize that you’re upset about something unless you bring it up.
  2. Communication is key to the success of any relationship. That’s no different when it comes to the one between you and your day care. Take the time to not only be friendly and say hello to teachers and staff but talk to them about your child. How is your child doing there? What are their expectations, and do they sync up with yours? With open lines of communication, everybody can feel like they are on the same team.
  3. Remember that the facility your child goes to is a business. Once in awhile, there will be changes in personnel and policy. Plus, your child is not the only one that goes there. While you should be your child’s advocate, it’s equally important to maintain a degree of flexibility. If something changes, always try to work with the center instead of against them. By doing that, both you and your child will be happier.
  4. With the rise of social media and greater technological innovation, many day care centers are putting tech to work for them. It’s common for centers to have video feeds that you can log into to see what’s going on. That’s in place not to get anyone in trouble, but to allow parents and staff a way to see how things are going. We guarantee that you’ll see some pretty funny moments, especially when your son or daughter doesn’t know you’re watching! Also, many daycares use Twitter and Facebook to post pictures and make announcements. Be sure to use the technological options available to you.
  5. The secret to a happy kid is creating a routine and sticking to it. If possible, try to plan drop-offs and pickups for roughly the same times every day. By doing that, you can facilitate a daily process that’s nice and smooth for everyone.