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Beginning The Transition to Child Care-Part 2

As parents, there are a lot of milestones we’re privileged to witness in the lives of our children. The first word. The first time they walk. These moments are ones that stick with us our entire lives. But there’s another aspect of those moments. It’s the fact that our responsibility to our children is to guide them through in the most positive way possible. One of the biggest milestones is the transition towards child care.

transition-pic-1Our kids are individuals, and they won’t develop in the same ways and reach certain moments at the same time. However, while parents do have specific day care needs that they’ll do their best to meet, there are certain things to keep in mind that makes the switch to day care easier for your child and yourself. We shared a few tips for making the transition simpler, and today, we’d like to share a few more.

Time to Adjust

When you begin dropping your toddler or baby off at day care, you’ll see some changes with them. Your kiddo may be a little more clingy than usual, sad, or just discombobulated. Don’t worry, because that’s completely normal. Research has found that when many children first enter day care, their stress hormones rise while they work on adjusting to new situations. Give it time, and they’ll work it out.

Be Early

Speaking of time, if at all possible, get the day care transition going as early as possible before you need to focus on work or other responsibilities. Some children adapt to the new setting very quickly, while others need weeks or months before they feel comfortable. With some smart planning and a little bit of patience, you can ease them in without causing yourself undue stress.

Remain Strong

Are you feeling guilty or lousy about having to put your child in day care? It’s okay, and remember that it’s normal to have feelings of anxiety or guilt in a situation like this. The trick is, share your feelings with a partner or friend, but do not share them with your child. Your child looks to you to be a stabilizing influence as they go into a new situation. Give lots of hugs and assure them it will be great.

Avoid Flu Season

Cold and flu season typically kicks off in the fall or winter. If you can, try to start the transition before that time. Your child’s immune system may need time to adapt to new viruses in a group day care setting, otherwise, they stand a good chance of catching every cold and infection they encounter.

Check Back

If your child remains miserable after spending several weeks at the day care center you’ve chosen, or if the child’s temperament isn’t a comfortable fit, it’s okay to make a change. Take time to speak with your child’s teacher and get their opinion regarding if the day care is a good fit. Listen to your intuition, and if your gut tells you to make a change, then do so. It can be a good lesson for your child, that it’s worth it to always try something new, but there’s no sense in sticking with something that makes you unhappy.


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