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Tips for Toddlers Who Don’t Want to Leave Daycare

Our last couple of blog posts have talked about ways to make the drop-off to daycare just a little bit easier, but those aren’t the only times where children can throw a tantrum. On the other end of the spectrum there are children that throw tantrums when they have to leave preschool, which can be equally as frustrating. That is why today we are going to touch on children who have a tough time leaving daycare and what you can do to make that just the slightest bit easier. 

Create a Routine

If you’ve been keeping up with our series, then you just finished reading about creating a routine for your drop-off. Well, the truth is that having a routine for when you pick your child up can be equally effective. Aside from a routine giving them something to get used to, it can help teach them that there’s no room for budging even when they want to stay late. 

Some fantastic ways that you can have them end their day is by giving hugs to friends or waving goodbye to teachers. These are both fun and uplifting ways to leave the school and something that your child can grasp as the end of the day activity. Once you’ve figured out something that works, feel free to let your child’s teacher know so that they can support you in your routine. By sharing this information with your child’s teacher, you have all the reinforcement that you need. 

Bring Siblings In

Siblings are one of the best ways to get kids excited to go home. While classmates are fun, spending a day away from siblings can be tough on young kids. By having them come in with you to help pick up their younger or older sibling, there’s a good chance your preschooler will be so much more excited to head out of daycare for the day. 

After-School Activities

Another fantastic way to get your child excited about leaving school is by having fun after-school activities for them to attend. This could genuinely be just about anything that they enjoy. Anything from playdates with kids in the neighborhood to art classes or sports practice, having something that your child enjoys doing is a great way to get them excited for life outside of the classroom. 

Classroom Activities at Home

If you don’t want to get your child involved in after-school activities, consider bringing some of their favorite activities in school, back home. Maybe your child loves coloring or reading, which are both activities that are incredibly easy to bring home. If they are not eager to leave the classroom, setting up a kid-sized table with all these activities readily accessible for them could make it just the slightest bit easier. So, even if it’s time to leave school, they know that their colors and favorite stories are waiting for them at home. This way, the fun doesn’t have to end! 

Bring a Piece of Home

One of the primary reasons that children have such a difficult time leaving school is because they aren’t fully adjusted to the transition from home to school. Understanding that there is a time for one and a time for the other doesn’t always click during the first few years. It’s this transitioning reaction that also makes it difficult for children to arrive at school and be left there. So, in order to make the transition back to home life just a little smoother, bring a piece of home to them during pick up. Maybe it’s their blanky or their favorite stuffed animal. Whatever it may be, make sure that it goes no further than the car during drop-off. 

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