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Best Local Apple Orchards to Visit!

best local apple orchards

The weather is getting cooler and the leaves have officially turned! That means that this is the best time of year to visit apple orchards and corn mazes! Picking the best orchard to visit can take more time than actually visiting the orchards! Thankfully our sister school, Sonnet Montessori, made a full list of orchards to visit in our area to help you pick the best orchard to visit with your family. Their list is separated by Family Owned Orchards, Destination Orchards, and Organic Orchards.

Over the past few weeks our teachers have been teaching our students all about Fall! They have done pumpkin science experiments, apple painting, and leaf graphs just to list a few fun activities. After all of the interest our students have shown in Fall, an apple orchard would be a great weekend family activity to bridge what our students learn in school and what they are able experience in the world around them!