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Fun Fall Activities

list of fall fun activities

Last week our blog mentioned visiting the apple orchards to experience fall at its finest in Minnesota! This week we want to talk about how our students have been experiencing fall in their classrooms over the past few weeks!

Our teachers here at Yellow Brick Road are so creative and their creative curriculum keeps our students engaged and excited about learning!

Here are just a few of the Fun Fall Activities our students have been doing in their classrooms over the past few weeks!

boy racking leaves

Not only is this activity adorable, but it is also a practical-life-skill activity! Our students love to play in the leaves outside and we are sure that most of them would jump in a pile of leaves without question, so what better gross-motor activity to have inside than raking fabric leaves? This activity was a hit with our toddlers!

boy drawing trees

These bubble wrap painted trees are a great way to paint trees with fall colors and still get the leaf texture! Our preschool class had a great time feeling the bubble wrap under their fingers and seeing their finished product when their trees were painted!

halloween art

These cute handprints were a great way for some of our older students to work on their letter recognition for the letter B! When you see a ghost you automatically think “BOO” and when our students look at this picture not only does it spell Boo with the ghosts, but they can remember the B sound at the beginning of the word Boo to help with their phonemic awareness!

acorn art

Our toddlers loved this cute acorn “marble” painting activity! They got to paint an acorn picture by rolling acorns in paint across the picture! The outcome of this activity was beautiful.

halloween cutouts

This last activity is always a parent favorite! These fall footprint paintings are the cutest and most boo-tiful art projects! Our infant teachers love to make these lasting art projects with their students so that in each season our parents can pull out some of their child’s first artwork to decorate and admire from year to year!