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Gingerbread House Contest

ybr gingerbread house contest

The annual gingerbread house contest is back! This year, we’re challenging you to create a gingerbread house that Bricky wants to move into in the new year. Bricky is working on something very special while our families are working on their one-of-a-kind houses!! With his new house, he will share our new logo, and he himself will be brand new!! Of course… the winner will receive two weeks of free tuition and bragging rights for the year!

Similar to our scarecrow contest this year… we will have a link where everyone can vote on their favorite houses!!

Here are the rules, they are as easy as…

  1. Your gingerbread house must be hand-made! You can buy pre-made kits, but the decoration has to come from the heart!!
  2. Submit your pictures to your director by 12/26/23

Our winners this year will be announced, you guessed it, in the New Year!

ybr ginger bread house contest details

Not sure where to start? No worries!

Here are some tips for making a gingerbread house:

  • Start with a sturdy base. You can use a graham cracker box or a piece of cardboard.
  • Use a piping bag or hot glue to create the walls of your house.
  • Get creative with the decorations, we heard that charcuterie gingerbread houses are in this year!
  • Pick a color scheme or theme that reflects your personality!
  • Let your kids go wild and make a mess – (check out our blog about why messes are important here)

From carefully planned houses to houses straight out of a four-year-old’s imagination… we are SO excited to see what house Bricky ends up in in the New Year!!

OPE! We almost forgot the most important part of joining the contest…. HAVE FUN!