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Great Teachers Teach at YBR

great teachers at ybr

We offer creative freedom with our curriculum and classroom structure! Our classroom themes are based on our student’s interest. Our teachers are the ones who observe their students, decide on one of their interests, and execute their lesson plans! We give our teachers the freedom and the tools to write a well founded lesson plan for each day of the week regardless of their topic!

We are Sustainable! We offer our teachers a competitive salary because we want our teachers to know that we recognize them as the professionals that they are!

Our Core Values align with our teacher’s visions for their own classrooms! Our Core Values are; Positivity, Fun, Communication, Collaboration, Innovation, and Nurturing! To run a successful classroom in any age group teachers have to believe in each of those core values and intentionally involve them in their day-to-day routines! Our teachers not only believe in those core values but exude them every day!

They feel as though they are a part of a family both inside their classrooms and with their co-workers! Many of our teachers will tell you that the classrooms they have set up feel like home and their co-workers feel like a second family. When new families join us here at YBR we tell them they are joining the YBR Family and we do not say that lightly! Our teachers are the core of our YBR Family!

We offer superb Professional Development opportunities! A teacher is a life-long learner and we know that here at YBR. We recognize that theories and approaches in the world of Early Childhood Education are ever-changing and we give our teachers opportunities to stay up-to-date on the latest approaches! We bring in speakers to lead trainings for our teachers three times a year at our in-service days.

There is room to grow! Many of our teachers want to grow in their position and in this field!. We give our teachers the chances to build their education with flexible schedules, attend local classes to build new skills by giving them a list of classes offered each month, and we have outlined a clear path of growth for all of our teachers within YBR! We love watching our teachers grow in their career because as they do they pour it right back into their classrooms and their students grow alongside them!


Check out this testimonial from Mr. AJ! Mr. AJ is our former Pre-K teacher in our Minnetonka school and you can currently find him coaching the Mini Me Sports classes here at YBR!!

If you or someone you know what’s to begin their career in an environment they can be proud of and grow in; check out this link!

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