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What Makes YBR Unique

what makes ybr unique

As you search for the perfect preschool there are a lot of factors to consider! When families join the YBR Family they are signing up for more than care for their child. Our parents trust that we will not only care for their child, but we will teach and support their child as we keep them safe! That being said, there are a few other things that make us different from the other preschools in our area…

We are affordable!

Childcare can be EXPENSIVE! Child Care Aware estimates that childcare and early education costs a family an average of 9% of their income a year. And of course, you should invest in your child, but you also have to pay for food, housing, and everything else that living entails. Yellow Brick Road strives to be sustainable as a business so that we can offer your child high quality care at rates you can feel good about!

We use Teaching Strategies Gold ®

Teaching Strategies GOLD ® is the most Nationally accepted curriculum to be developmentally appropriate for children birth to 6 years old. The National Association of Education for Young Children (NAEYC) prefers “TSG” or “GOLD” over any other curriculum. TSG allows our teachers to plan curriculum around the children’s interests, instead of using something ‘out-of-the-box’ that tries to decide FOR the children.


We Communicate with KangarooTime

Communication is one of our Core Values and we have an app to prove it! We have 2-way communication with our parents through a convenient app so you’ll get push notifications with updates throughout your child’s day.


We pay our Teachers!

Yellow Brick Road believes its teachers are the heart of the program, so we pay them like it. We pay more per hour than our competitors. You heard us correctly, we charge less and pay more and we are proud of it! Of course, no one gets into teaching for the money, but we try really hard to give our employees a career instead of a job.


Onsite Owners

Jessica Johnsen and Kylie Schrader have equity in Yellow Brick Road and are also onsite each and every day. Together they run all four Yellow Brick Road locations. We are big enough to have economies of scale, but not so big that our owners count us as a number.


Enrichment Programs

We believe that your quality time with your child(ren) should be just that – quality! We take away the hassle of transporting your children to activities by offering them onsite at Yellow Brick Road. They are only little once, and your hours are limited, let us help get them to activities so you don’t have to!