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We Are Thankful For Our Families

we are thankful

Going into next week we are reflecting on all that we are thankful for here at Yellow Brick Road! Of course, we are thankful for our students, teachers, beautiful schools, and leaders. We are also very grateful for our parents and families who believe in our schools as much as we do! When deciding which preschool is best for your child there are many factors to consider. We are humbled that all of our parents have chosen us as the best preschool for their children.

When asking our Directors why they are thankful for the families in their schools their answers were unending. There are many reasons that we are thankful for our families and so, we have compiled a list!

Our newly promoted Directors are thankful for the support and love that they have been shown by their families.

We appreciate the community involvement that we receive from our parents at each of our special events, holiday celebrations, and charity drives.

Our families give our schools an honest family feel! We always say that when families enroll in Yellow Brick Road that they are joining the YBR Family. Getting to know our families makes us feel like we are a part of their family as well!

We are thankful to have excellent communication with our parents through the KangarooTime app and in person!

Our parents bring new ideas to us to continue pushing our innovation to ensure that we are always the best preschool for our students!

We appreciate the opportunities that we have to collaborate with our parents. A great example of this is during teacher appreciation week; our parents collaborate on teacher gift ideas to ensure our teachers feel loved and supported by us and our families!

We are thankful for the trust that our parents have in our ability to care for and teach their children in a nurturing way!

 Finally, our parents are some of the most positive and fun people that we could ever have the pleasure of getting to know!


Thank you to all of our families for being a part of the YBR Family!