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why YBR preschool

Do you ever wake up in the morning dreading your workday?  Or think “Why am I doing this??”  Been there, done that.  In every industry, staff and families feel the effects of the past couple of years: Covid-19, remote working, burnout, career change, and more.  At Yellow Brick Road, we are not oblivious to the changes in our economy and industry especially.  We intentionally laid off ZERO employees throughout the pandemic, and we continued to press into our culture and our staff for professional development and improvement.

Over the past two years, we’ve expanded from four schools in a pandemic to twenty one schools in three states.  With a primarily acquisition style business strategy, we’ve engaged and immersed ourselves in embracing change!  Coming into the summer, we took a few moments to ask our Regional Director team WHY they do what they do… why did they start in this childcare industry and how has that transformed?

From hearing touching stories about children who impacted them as a teacher to seeing the team they were a part of…. Each perspective was heartfelt and genuine.  When the conversation was finished, we looked around the Zoom and thought “Man… we should really do this with our Directors!”  Only days later, we were able to talk with all of our 21 Directors, Admin, and Leadership Team to dive into the “WHY” of what we do.  Over the next few weeks, we want to share with you some of why we do what we do…


But first… Why is Yellow Brick Road ECDC here?  We’re here to put good humans into the world and leave it better than we found it.  We are here to empower and enrich the lives of your children.  We are here to offer a warm and nurturing environment rooted in the belief that all children are offered a high quality and affordable education.  Between three states, we offer a style of education that is child-led and teacher taught.  We offer amazing opportunities for your children to grow in this environment, but remember that behind every piece of quality education we offer is a teacher who serves your school.  Those teachers all have a “WHY” too.  Those teachers have an opportunity to impact the students and part of that probably means their passion and purpose lies within the classroom and impact on the future generations. 

The biggest unique benefit we have in our schools are the staff and families. Take time this week, whether you reside in a YBR school or neighborhood, to ask your teacher, director, family, friends WHY they do what they do.  Is it for fame and fortune?  Is it because they were influenced as a child?  Or, is it because of a reason you never expected to hear?  Our teachers and staff are so impactful… the question WHY is so important to us and continuing to value and validate. 

Join us in the mission of finding out (why)YBR.  As a reader… Tell us why you do what you do!