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Wh(YBR) – Continued!

why YBR preschool

Did you read about WHY YBR last week?  This week we are continuing on a journey with us to meet some of our wonderful staff and hear their stories.  If you’ve worked in childcare for more than 5 minutes, you know the KIDS are one of the biggest motivators in coming to work everyday.  Teachers just have this special bond with the children they work with daily.  This industry is also not for the faint of heart!  We promise… if you’re looking into working with children, you will 100% get attached to some!

Let’s dive in.  At the time we’re writing this, Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center has schools in three states: Minneosta, Iowa, Nebraska.  Each are very different and very uniquely wonderful.  Meet a few of our current staff who we asked “Why… Why do you do what you do?”


Meet Angie: Angie is our Director in Minnetonka, MN.  She is responsible for a school that can help 150 children learn every day plus the staff that teaches them.  Angie has a really special story with our company, but we can share that another time.

angie ybr

I started working in early childhood 4 months after becoming a mother and 2 months before finding out I was going to have another baby! Not only was it the beginning of my career but I was also trying to navigate being a mom to two tiny humans while also adjusting to being a step-mom to two tweens. I didn’t have many friends in the area and quickly realized that my center was not only filled with great co-workers and friends but also the village that I desperately needed as a Mom. After my children went to elementary school I became an infant teacher and I loved not only working with the babies but also being there to support their parents on their first day leaving their baby, first solid food, transitioning to milk, all those firsts that parents need their village for. Looking back over the course of those 7 years my why really shifted to not only being there for the children but making sure our infant team and myself were supporting the parents too. As Director, I feel such an important part of my job is to make sure that the parents feel that we are a village for them and are here to support them while we are taking care of their most treasured being! 

Meet J’Lynne!  J’Lynne started with us at our Bennington, NE location as a teacher.  She moved into an Assistant Director role before taking leave to study Family Law.  She returned to us mid-term wanting to work a little and in any classroom because she missed the environment.  She quickly moved back into an AD role and has recently become our Director at the Blondo location!

J'lynne ybr

The reason I do what I do is because I have a deep and genuine love for myself. I always want to be the best me. When I said it sounds selfish, I truly did mean it. Life is limited and I think achieving happiness is important.

I do believe that most people have a deep desire or motivation that burns for their life overall. I think we should ask ourselves why we’re doing what we’re doing anytime we do something big.

These ladies are both phenomenal!  They work tirelessly to be the best in the business.  Its part of why we can’t live without them!  In our schools, we integrate our Core Values into our lessons and always look for the opportunity to learn and grown. 

Why YBR?  Because we trust leaders like this to run our schools.  Leaders like these ladies are the reason you choose us.  Because they won’t let you down… and if we do… we’ll own up to it and make it as right as we can.  While we’re all human, we don’t take our roles lightly.  We strive to be the best and our mission is still to bring good humans into the world and leave it better than we found it.