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Things to Know About a Preschooler’s Brain

Between the ages of three and four, your child truly starts to come into their own. They love exploring the world, they have questions about everything and anything, and they express curiosity more than ever before. By understanding their brain and development, you can help them grow to be amazing kids, and later, adults.

At Yellow Brick Road, we provide 3- and 4-year-olds with the nurturing, welcoming, and positive space they need to thrive. Learn more about childhood development, and contact our daycare centers in Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Plymouth, or Maple Grove to set up a tour!

Insanely Curious

How many times has your preschooler asked you questions today? More specifically, in the past hour? If you’re still counting, that’s a good sign! Three to 4-year-olds are very curious and want to know the who, what, where, why, and how behind everything.

At this stage in life, a preschooler’s brain is developing memory in a much stronger capacity. Children appreciate routines and explanations — try not to get flustered by their many questions, and while giving answers is great, you can also try reversing the question back to them (i.e. “What do you think?”). They’re making sense of everything around them, and your support and patience make a world of difference.

Language Development Explodes

The left hemisphere of a 3-year-old’s brain experiences insane growth, leading to huge gains in language. Speaking three- to five-word sentences can be expected, and by their fourth birthday, these sentences grow to have five or more words. Because children are better able to express themselves at this point in time, you’ll notice their emotions beginning to calm down (or at the very least, make more sense!).

Incredible Imagination

Three- to 4-year-olds have the brain capacity to begin thinking in the abstract. It’s no surprise that as this develops, so does their ability to partake in imaginative play. It’s also no surprise that their imaginations might get the best of them at times, leading to fears of woogey men or monsters under the bed. It’s all part of growing up, and if your child has a healthy imagination, this is a gift to encourage.

Playing Is Crucial

Playing is one of the most important things a child can do during this time. Not only does playtime continue to help develop imagination and creativity, but it gives vital practice to developing real-world skills. Working with others, sharing, taking turns — all of these things are developed through hands-on practice.

If your child is struggling with sharing and playing with others, know that this is also a part of their development. 

Preschoolers are still developing their sense of empathy — a skill that takes years to really sink in. Continue to praise your 3- to 4-year-old when they exhibit empathy or other positive social interactions.

One of the best places you can take your child for playtime, practice with interpersonal skills, and overall growth is Yellow Brick Road. By enrolling your young one in our preschool program, you can trust that they’re getting the experience they need to be happy and healthy humans. From infant daycare to Pre-K, we have it all!