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The Importance of Training New Teachers at YBR!

training new teachers at ybr

At Yellow Brick Road we understand the importance of having reliable teachers that our students can count on every day. We know that our teachers build relationships with each of their students and parents so that while they teach their students there is a foundation of safety and trust between them. Before our teachers can establish those relationships, begin writing tailored lesson plans, and become a familiar face winin our school, they have to be trained the YBR Way!

The YBR Way is our training program that was written by leaders within Yellow Brick Road to ensure our quality of care is understood and demonstrated before our new teachers begin their career with us! The YBR Way covers our; core values, mission statement, licensing requirements inside of the classrooms, classroom expectations, and it introduces our new teachers to their mentor teachers!

Mentor Teachers are outstanding teachers who have a clear appreciation for Yellow Brick Road and they exemplify our core values! These mentor teachers have been trained to mentor new teachers throughout their transition into their career with Yellow Brick Road! The YBR Way training guide comes with a checklist and workbook that our new teachers work on with their mentor teachers in their first 90 days in our school!

Having a multi-step and long-lasting onboarding process shows our teachers that we are dedicated to their individual success! Our teachers know that we value their opinions and questions as they are learning what Yellow Brick Road stands for. We strive to ensure the quality of care in our classrooms is upheld by the thorough training that our teachers are each given!

Once a teacher is fully trained and confidently carrying out their lesson plans, building a culture inside their classroom, and actively participating as a team member at the school, we still recognize that training is never complete. We believe that teachers are life-long learners and so we give our teachers the opportunity to grow in different areas while they work and teach with us! We offer trainings throughout the year during our all-staff inservice days and we pick the topics of those trainings based on our teacher’s interests; much like our individualized curriculum!