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Bricky’s Best Teachers are Nurturing

nurturing teachers

This month, we are recognizing Bricky’s Best teachers who consistently show our core value of Nurturing! While all of our teachers are nurturing in each of our classrooms, these amazing teachers exude this core value in all that they do!

ms nicole

Bricky’s Best for Maple Grove is Ms. Nicole in the Infant 2 room. Nicole is always showing so much love and compassion to all of her infants, nurturing them throughout all hours of the day. She provides them with so many hugs and snuggles and does everything she can to make each child feel comfortable in the classroom. She is sure to give each child some one-on-one time every day to continue forming loving, trusting relationships with her children (and parents!). Ms. Nicole brings such a bright light to her entire classroom and we are so lucky to have her loving and caring for our infants day after day.

ms maddie

In our Plymouth location, Ms. Maddie is our Bricky’s Best teacher! She mostly works in our infant classrooms and she is constantly nurturing and caring for all of our babies. She shows love and compassion to all of our students each and every day at Yellow Brick Road!

ms emma

Ms. Emma is our Bricky’s Best teacher for the month of June in our Minnetonka location! You never see Ms. Emma without one of her toddlers in her arms or a bunch of them trying to sit in her lap! Emma is so nurturing as she cares for her adventurous toddlers. She plans fun art projects for them and reads them stories all which help them grow and develop! The toddlers come running when they see Emma walk through the door because they can’t wait to get their hug and to start playing with her! We are so lucky to have her on our Minnetonka team!

ms jasma

In our Omaha location, Ms. Jasma is our Bricky’s Best teacher because she is just so nurturing! She is our Lead Infant 1 teacher and shows so much love for all the babies in her care. She makes sure that each baby is kept to their individual schedule. She talks with them while she is changing diapers or feeding each baby. You can always find her on the floor playing with the babies. Jasma constantly strives to help these little one to grow and achieve their milestones. We are so lucky to have Jasma as a part of our YBR family!

ms krissia

Ms. Krissia in our Eden Prairie location is our Bricky’s Best teacher for the month of June! She is currently with our preschool students, but she has been known to work in our Exploring Preschool, Wobbler, and Infant rooms! She is loving and nurturing in all of our classrooms and she does all that she can to insure her students feel loved, heard, and appreciated! Ms. Krissia is naturally nurturing in all that she does!