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In like a Lion out like a Lamb

in like a lion out like a lamb

In the Midwest, we get to experience all four seasons in full force! March is always the most questionable month when it comes to our weather as we go into Spring and watch all of the snow around us hopefully melt!


In some of our classrooms across all of our schools, we have been tracking our weather using the “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb” theory! Our students decide each day if the weather is ferocious like a lion or gentle like a lamb.


This theory gives our teachers and students so many opportunities to further discuss weather patterns. Our teachers have fun planned activities like double-sided masks representing lions and lambs and pattern building. Our kiddos have been more observant of the weather and excited to see what the next day will look like!


The discussion around the end of Winter leads us straight into the conversations about Spring! Many of our schools have already started planting activities, or at least talking about them if it is still too cold to start growing their seeds. Part of our philosophy revolves around nature and the appreciation of weather in all seasons. We try to loop in the weather and weather changes as often as we can to inspire a love of learning about weather through personal experiences!


Check out these fun photos of some of our lion and lamb activities from this month!!

girl with lamb drawing at preschool
arts and crafts at preschool
lamb and lion cartoon
march weather chart