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Intake Meetings at YBR

intake meetings at ybr


When your first day at Yellow Brick Road comes around, we understand how important, exciting, and sometimes scary that day can be, for both students and parents! Those first-day feelings are full of hope and excitement but when a first day doesn’t go smoothly, it can be nerve-racking! That is why we schedule intake meetings with our parents in the weeks before your first day rolls around!

Now, you may be asking yourself; “What is an intake meeting?”. An intake meeting is a chance for our directors and our parents to meet and discuss our new students before their first day at Yellow Brick Road!

During our intake meetings, we ensure all of our paperwork is in order, and we take that opportunity to learn all about your child and their daily routines. Our Directors ask every incoming parent a list of questions that allow us to best understand our student’s needs and our parent’s expectations. We talk to our parents about what comforts their children during transitions, what their children like and dislike, and we ask about our new student’s interests! We want to understand what goals our parents are currently working on with their children at home so that we can collaboratively support that development in our classrooms!

We also take this opportunity to establish relationships that are built on trust and open communication! Our schools have their own individual cultures that are made up of our teachers and our parents working together to form these communities. These connections begin during our intake meetings! Our teachers are excited to welcome their new students and get to know who they are throughout their time at Yellow Brick Road.

Our intake meetings are a perfect time, not only for us to get to know our incoming families, but for our families to get to know us! We encourage our parents to use this meeting to ask questions about the structure of the first day, expectations, daily schedules, and anything else that may be weighing on their minds.

Our goal is to alleviate all stress, worry, and fears before those first-day feelings set in! We hope that when you begin care at Yellow Brick Road, you feel the comfort and support that our teachers and Directors so readily provide to our families!