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Meet the Director – Ms. Laura!

ms. laura

As we continue our Meet the Director blog series, we are excited to introduce you all to Ms. Laura! Ms. Laura is the Director of our Norwalk location and we are all so thankful to have her on our team. She leads her team of teachers with positivity, excitement, and passion!


To get to know Laura more, we asked her a few questions! Our first question was “What started your career in early childhood education?”

“I started at elementary school and fell in love with those kiddos. The grant ended and knew I wanted to continue working somewhere with students in a school, and this opportunity was available!”


One of our favorite questions to ask our directors is, “What is the best piece of advice you could give to a first-time parent while they are touring preschools?”

“Ask a lot of questions, write them down. Our students learn and gain so much knowledge and are ready to go to Kingergarten. When I bring my daughter places it is amazing that she is able to stay in a line, wait patiently, has good coordination, etc. Having my daughter at Yellow Brick Road has helped her socially, mentally and academically.”

 When you tell someone that you’re a Director at Yellow Brick Road, everyone wants to know, “What do you look forward to most when you come to work each day?”

“I love all the teachers and families, I open the day and enjoy greeting everyone and having those relationships !”

As a Director, growth is imminate and unavoidable, in the best ways possible! So, we asked Laura, “In which areas have you grown professionally since beginning your career with YBR?”

“Organizing and having an understanding of the flow of the center. Keeping our days consistent as much as we can and staying calm in busy situations.”


It is no secret that we care about our core values A LOT! We talk about them in every orientation, tour, staff development day, and especially our classrooms! We had to ask Laura, “Which of our core values stands out the most to you?”

“This is a hard one…. Communication then Positivity. Communication because everyone needs to know what’s going on and plan for their day. Positivity because being kind and respectful, not having bad attitudes no matter what has happened, and smiling make our days so much fun.”


Since joining our communities in Iowa, Laura has been on-board with our core values, new trainings, and transitions. She has supported her teachers and families as they have leared “the YBR Way”! We are so glad that Laura is a part of our team.