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Sharing the Unshared Questions about Tuition at Yellow Brick Road!

ybr tuition questions

When touring preschools, parents look for a nurturing environment that not only fosters academic growth but also prioritizes safety, holistic development, and convenience. At Yellow Brick Road, we offer all of those crucial elements and MORE!! When searching for the perfect preschool for your family, tuition plays a key factor in the final decision. Often, after a preschool is picked, unknown fees and surprise costs pop up! At Yellow Brick Road, we are transparent about our tuition and we always strive to offer high-quality care at an affordable rate.

After chatting with countless parents, we came up with this list of potential surprise costs to ask about on tours:

Extended Hours

“Will there be an additional fee for early morning or late afternoon care?”

For many families, juggling work commitments and childcare responsibilities can be a daunting task. Yellow Brick Road understands these challenges and strives to ease the burden by offering open hours both in the morning and afternoon. Whether you’re an early riser or a late worker, you can rest assured that your child will receive quality care and education throughout the day. With us, our hours of operation are never an additional cost to our families!!

Nutritious Meals

“Are meals included in the tuition, do I need to provide meals from home, or is there an extra fee for any meals?”

At Yellow Brick Road, we believe that a well-nourished body is the foundation of a thriving mind. That’s why we provide wholesome meals in our tuition. Throughout the day, we offer breakfast, snacks, and lunch, ensuring that every child receives the fuel they need to stay energized and focused throughout the day.

Planned Closures and Annual Breaks

“Are there any extended periods of time that you are closed while I am still paying for care?”

Sometimes, preschools will take winter and spring breaks and require families to continue paying for the weeks they are closed. At Yellow Brick Road, we are closed on minimal days throughout the year and our calendar is planned a year in advance to give parents the heads-up they need to plan for closures. We aim to keep all of our professional development days and parent-teacher conferences in line with other national holidays to alleviate the stress our parents may feel taking time off of work.

Curriculum and Individualized Care

“Will I need to pay a curriculum or supply fee?”

At Yellow Brick Road, you never need to worry about a supply list or curriculum-related fees. As early childhood experts, it is OUR role and responsibility to offer and execute a high-quality education with every supply required. Additionally, our curriculum is unique because every child is unique. Every child in our schools possesses their own set of interests, strengths, and learning styles. At Yellow Brick Road, we recognize and celebrate these differences by offering an individualized curriculum that caters to each child’s needs. Our interest and play-based approach allows children to learn through hands-on experiences, exploration, and discovery leaving our parents worry-free when considering both academics and finances.

Ongoing Enrollment

“Is there an annual enrollment fee?”

Not at Yellow Brick Road there’s not! When you enroll with us, we know that the goal is to see through the early years in a stable environment and we are here to provide that!! Our schools are designed to offer continuous education, support, and FUN year after year. We don’t require an annual enrollment fee because when you enroll with us you are joining the Yellow Brick Road family for all of the years to come!

All of this to say, be mindful of the questions you ask when touring preschools and be confident in one thing… Yellow Brick Road is always here to offer you the stability of extended hours, a dependable annual schedule, nutritious meals, a personalized curriculum, and unwavering enrollment!!