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Spring Professional Development Day 2024: A Day of Learning and Growth at Yellow Brick Road

a day of learning and growth

Spring Professional Development Day 2024: A Day of Learning and Growth at Yellow Brick Road

On Monday, February 19th, all of our schools participated in our Spring Professional Development Day! Our schools in the states of Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota had different requirements for their professional development days, which led to some really interesting and unique approaches to our company-wide development day. First and foremost, we want to thank you parents for making days like these, full of learning and fun, possible!


Nebraska: Creative Arts Learning Guideline

Our Nebraska teams worked on one of the mandated learning guidelines from the state of Nebraska. We finished an entire domain focusing on creative arts in the classrooms! In the six-hour class, the group was able to study creative arts in depth and learn to enhance their lesson plans towards our child-led curriculum. Naturally, our teachers were eager to get started the very next day with their students! As the day progressed and the trainings were completed, the second half of the day allowed some of our teachers to obtain and renew their Pediatric CPR/First Aid certifications. Having teachers on our team certified in CPR/First Aid not only keeps our buildings safe but it also helps us meet the state requirements for accepting subsidized care families!!  In that 9 hours of training, over 50 staff members were able to obtain new certificates and training to ensure we offer top-quality care and continue the journey towards higher ratings with the local Step Up to Quality system.

courtney cpr

Iowa: Active Shooter Trainings

In Iowa, all of our schools participated in active shooter training. We brought in local law enforcement to speak to the importance of safety inside of our schools. Safety inside of our schools is a high priority for us on all fronts, and having the opportunity to dive into some of the topics often shied away from giving our teachers the confidence and skills to feel even more prepared.


Minnesota: State-Wide Meeting

The Minnesota schools all got together for a state-wide meeting that covered all of our annual trainings mandated by Minnesota in addition to our behavior guidance and emergency preparedness plans. We wrapped the day up in Minnesota with a teacher panel recognizing some of our incredible teachers and their individual skills! They answered questions in front of their peers explaining how they each execute different core values in their classrooms.

teacher panel in Minnesota

Our Spring Professional Development Day was a huge success! All of our teachers and staff members benefited from the training and development opportunities provided. We are excited to see the positive impact that this day will have on our students and our schools.