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Summer Time Fun at YBR!

summer time fun at YBR

During the school year, our teachers and our students are hard at work building new skills and learning through our play-based curriculum. In the summer, our emphasis on academic and social-emotional success does not slow down! The biggest shift in our curriculum in the summer is that we encourage our students to learn outside and around nature as much as possible! Take a look at some of the fun summer activities we have going on each year when the sun comes out and the snow has melted…

children learning outside at preschool

This picture from our Plymouth location is a perfect example of our outdoor morning meetings! Our teachers bring books, sing songs, and teach lessons outside to give our students a change of scenery and teach them through nature!

boy playing with water at preschool

At Yellow Brick Road we love water days! Our students come dressed in their swimsuits ready for a full day of learning, laughing, and splashing! We fill our sensory tables with water to give our students the opportunity toexplore their senses and develop their fine-motor skills in the water.

Speaking of sunshine… our teachers bring nature and natural elements into our classroom throughout the summer as well! As a part of our interest-based curriculum; our students have been showing interest in sunshine, summer weather, and all things outdoors!

girl on scooter at preschool 2
girl on scooter at preschool

Bike days, bike days, bike days! A couple of our locations have bike and scooter days in the summer to give our older children the optioportunity to develop their gross motor skills alongside each other!


Each year our summer curriculum looks slightly different based on our current students’ interest! The one thing that is consistent from year to year is the excitement, fun, and inspired creativity that our students experience through each of our summer-specific activities!