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Tom Wood at Yellow Brick Road

leadership sprints with tom wood

For eight weeks, the leaders of Yellow Brick Road met with Tom Wood, from Hinge Advisors, for thirty-minute Leadership Sprints! At Yellow Brick Road our mission is to “put good humans into the world, and leave it better than we found it”! Our time with Tom Wood helped us kick off that mission by building up our team of Directors. So often, our Directors are focused on guiding the teams inside of our schools. They coach our teachers, enhance our curriculum, and build connections with our parents. Our Directors truly lead the culture of Yellow Brick Road. Our hope going into these Leadership Sprints was to give our Directors new tools that can help them continue to be the best leaders in our field!

Each week, during the Leadership Sprints our team would discuss habits to break, continue, and start! Tom related every topic he spoke about to daily operations inside of the schools, and the homelives of everyone in the Leadership Sprint. He spoke to us about time management, difficult conversations, courage, and so much more!

Our team of directors was lucky enough to meet Tom in person at our annual Directors meeting in Des Moines, Iowa last month. Tom completed the last Leadership Sprint in person and opened the floor for discussion, feedback, and planning.

The time spent with Tom Wood was invaluable for our team! Each week everyone would discuss what they did differently thanks to the Leadership Sprint the week before. Hearing the new habits people were picking up, discussing the real changes everyone was making, and comparing what each person took away from each lesson was a unique and effective way to grow as inidivudals as a part oa team!

While we could continue to speak highly of Tom, we would like to share our team’s thoughts about the Leadership Sprints!

Here are just a few testimonials that our Leadership Team wrote after our time with Tom:

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