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Choosing Child Care

All the statistics and factual findings in the world don’t have the ability to remove the emotions that often come when considering daycare for your child. Many working parents experience ‘daycare guilt’ with the idea of leaving their child in the care of someone else. With this guilt also comes some fear and apprehension not knowing if you’re making the best decision for your child. For these reasons, we have compiled a few pieces of advice to help give a better picture of what you may be walking into, as well as some questions to consider.

Education Trackdreamstime_247682

When looking into professional child care, do some research. Ask around for recommendations, and ask about their education approach at the care center. Due to continuing research of child’s brains and early development, there are now curriculums to help infants learn and develop. Deciding the approach you prefer for your child will help you determine the best fit for your family. Questions such as: Is it a play based approach? Is there an emphasis on outdoor activity? How do teachers handle the different personalities and learning abilities of children? These questions will help you decide what is more valuable to you for your child, as well as narrow down your choices.

Consider More

While we know if you are an infant mother, you tend to only look at the quality of the infant program. However, try to expand your view. If you find a child care center you really love, look into their programs for the other ages to see how they continue education. Gaining an understanding of how children of all ages grow and behave in later years, will help give you a confidence in starting the process yourself.

dreamstime_xxl_16007724Make It Personal

Gone are the days where you can trust everyone without investigating and getting to know them. Recommendations are wonderful, but don’t substitute for personal interaction and gut judgement. When you tour a potential child care center, interact with the teachers when possible. Ask them questions, and watch how they handle themselves. Ask about discipline methods, daily routines, social interactions and how they’re encouraged, and anything else you can think of. If they are in a class, watch how they interact with the children. Nothing is more important than trusting the people who will be raising your child while you’re not.

At Yellow Brick Road, our mission is to put your concerns to ease. We are passionate about growing and developing your little ones with all the care and tenderness we can provide. Whether you have an infant, toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener, we have programs for each of them. Our main approach is to ensure each child is encouraged and catered to the way they learn. Our staff is patient, loving, and experienced with an array of different learning preferences. You can trust your child will be nurtured in their strengths, while helping build them to reach new levels of development. Don’t wait any longer, call today to enroll your child to start building their future.