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Why Choose Child Care

For working mothers, child care is a necessity. While it is difficult to let your little one go to the arms of another caregiver, there are multiple benefits to having them placed in a good day care. At Yellow Brick Road, we specialize in creating a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere that will focus on your child’s strengths in learning, leading to more benefits for them as an individual. We know there has been talk about the negative side of not having a stay-at-home daycare set up, but there is a lot more to the conversation. Let’s take a look at what other benefits have been found with child care.

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One of the best benefits of childcare is the aspect of socialization it brings. Your child will be immersed with many others, so they have more opportunity to interact, come out of their shell, and learn about themselves. In addition, it’s a great preparation for school in the following years, learning how to use their voice and be team players. Kids who have early exposure to that atmosphere will adjust easier to the classroom, and usually have better behavior.

Smart Thinking

Studies have shown kids who have been involved in daycare prior to schooling actually have more intellectual growth and ability. With early exposure to education, such as basic math and English skills, kids are able to jump ahead of the learning curve than those who have not had daycare experience. Test scores have shown to be higher as well.

Better Health

Daycares are often known for being a cesspool of germs for your little one. While there is much more to be exposed to, studies have shown that while children under two contract more ear and respiratory infections, they handled sickness better later in life. Developing a stronger immune system at a young age can greatly benefit kids once they enter elementary school.
Child care is becoming more and more common, and it’s important for you to know the beneficial things they will be learning and skills they will be growing. At Yellow Brick Road, we know the importance of early development for your child. Providing care for ages infant all the way to kindergarten, our staff is experienced and passionate on teaching and growing your child in academic and social areas. With a caring and encouraging environment, your child will learn to grow and become stronger as an individual. To enroll your child, call or click here today!