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Fun Ways to Teach Your Child at Home

At Yellow Brick Road, we specialize in helping your child develop during their early impressionable years. Whether infants or 4 year olds, each child has the ability to learn and grow in their own unique way. Depending on which stage and age your child is at, there are specific areas you can help improve in their development. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the fun ways you can help your child’s development at home, to further their education and development.

Touch Sensory

Using texture, flavor, and smells  with young ones is extremely effective and can better connect them to their environment. There are an endless amount of arts and crafts that are possible for enhancing sensory learning. To view some of our suggestions, check out our previous blog here. The possibilities here stretch from counting and alphabet familiarity to helping them learn to write it out themselves as they get older. Connect them with counting and using the alphabet by writing out each letter or number, in various colors, adding a fun texture to each one. As a daily routine, have her trace her fingers over the letter and identify it. Soon she will associate the feeling and colors with the letters and numbers, strengthening her memory overall.

Once she gets a big older, have her start practicing writing various words and names. Between the two exercises she will begin to recognize the letters in the words and names and numbers. Sensory learning is one of the best ways to initiate the development and learning process in you little one.

Label It

A simple and fun way to help your child start to recognize objects, words and letters, is by creating fun labels for different areas and objects of your home. Place them on things like the oven, a chair, the T.V., etc. and help your little one identify them. If he is too young to read, start with the individual letters, starting with the initial ones. Being able to connect a visual object with a letter encourages the development of memory in the child, and is a great start to the help them transition into reading and sounding out the letters.

For ease purposes, use blue painting tape for simple removal. This also will allow you to put the labels in different places as your child gets older, and create a game for them to put each label term in the correct place.

Hum A Tune

One of the best ways to learn, regardless of age, is singing. Nearly everyone learned the alphabet through a song, and there’s a reason! Song memory is extremely effective, especially at a younger age. Studies are showing that kids learn about nine words each day before their reading years begin. By taking a melodic approach, the likelihood of your child remembering how to count to ten or what comes after “C” in the alphabet, will greatly increase. Implement this habit in your daily routine, including his day care teachers or baby sitter in on reciting his favorite songs throughout the day. The more he is able to sing the songs, the more he will learn. Include songs on animals and their sounds, body parts, bedtime routines, days of the week, and anything else you can think of!


At Yellow Brick Road, we specialize in helping your child learn and grow in the ways they learn best. With a compassionate and experienced staff, we have built a safe environment for each child to develop into who they are as individuals. Using the gold curriculum, your child will have direct, intentional social and academic learning experiences while at Yellow Brick Road. Our age specific classes are designed to cater to each development stage, and better prepare them for what’s ahead. Enroll your child today at our Minnetonka or Plymouth locations to join the YBR family. We can’t wait to meet you!