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Games for Cold Winter Days

It’s that time of year again. The crisp snow has settled in and plans to stay much longer than we often care to acknowledge. For parents, it can often mean a dreadful reality of bored child is about to ensue. Debatably one of the most well known facts for most parents: A bored child, is a dangerous child. To help prevent the tornados and messes that are bound to break out, we have compiled a few activities for your little one to engage in when they’re home with you. More importantly, these activities are not centered around any electronic device like a T.V. or tablet. Stretching the creative ability of your growing child is important in the younger stages, where they develop a lot of their habits and personality. Let’s take a look at some games that are sure to entertain your little one during the chilly winter season.


Let’s start simple. One of the most enjoyable things, at times, of the toddler age is how easily enjoyable entertainment comes. No need to overthink many of these suggestions, simplicity is best. Puzzles are a great way to engage your child. Especially during the toddler years, finding ones with textures to the pieces, such as a farm using a fuzzy duckling and other animals, adds an element of intrigue for her. Furthermore, it helps her learn and remember things on a tangible level. If you’d like to get really creative, you can even make your own! Using family pictures or a photo of her favorite toys or house can add a fun familiar flair while you point to specific elements and teach her who’s who, or the name of different elements. All you’ll need is a picture, some modge podge, and a how-to guide.

Indoor Bowling

Initially this can sound dangerous, and potentially messy. Once again, think simple. Use some old water bottles or a plastic pin set bought at your local toy store, and set it up in a specific area. Your little one will have endless fun trying to knock them down. Added helpful element, having a game that requires everything to stay on the ground (rolling a ball, not throwing) can bring relief and confidence to homes with shelving or objects setting on tables.

Blowing Bubbles

A classic activity that adults still often enjoy (if we’re honest!), is blowing bubbles. The only proof you need is a wedding. Thankfully, they’re not just an outdoor option. Bubbles are notorious for bringing endless enjoyment and fun. Your little one will love chasing them, popping them, and blowing through the wand. Make a game out of it! Set up the challenge for the biggest bubble, or the one that stays the longest before it pops. For those who are really brave, the longer, giant wands can provide extra fun with bubbles that are sometimes seven times the size of your typical bubbles.

What’s in The Box?

A teacher favorite, the touch-and-feel game is beloved by nearly every toddler. Sensory games are always a hit and they are simple to make! Simply grab a small cardboard box and cut a hole in the top, only big enough for her hand to fit into, and place objects inside. Feel free to add some personal decor to the box to make it more fun. You can use objects such as home made plato, or a sock filled with flour. If you’d like you can allow her to ask questions or possibly give her hints. In the event that there are multiple children playing, you can give each child three guesses and award a point to the one who guesses correctly.


We know, moving this game inside removes the nostalgia of all those years outside on the pavement with your friends. However, your child is sure to love it just as much! Create a hopscotch board on a hard surface using painting tape or scotch tape, and give them a soft bean bag to toss. Creating a single box with the number 1, followed by two adjacent boxes above it with the numbers 2 and 3, and another square above with the number 4, follow the pattern with numbers up to 10. Give your child the bean bag and have them toss it into box #1, but make sure it doesn’t touch the lines! Then have her hop through the numbers with one foot single boxes, and feet side by side on the two adjacent ones, without touching the first box. Have her pick up the bean bag only when she comes back. Once she picks up the bean bag, have her hop on the final square to finish. To add another element to the game, try timing her and beat her own time, or bring in other children to play as well.

Hide and Seek

A childhood staple. Have one person cover their eyes and count to a number while the rest hide in places throughout the house. If you have played your fair share of hide-and-seek than you may be familiar with the stifled giggling that can start and lead into full fledged laughter. Be prepared, your child may want to add the “in the dark” tagline to this popular game. If so, ensure you have any items on the floor removed, and caution those playing to move carefully so they do not bump into sharp corners.

Indoor Basketball

No need for the hard orange ball on this one, we recommend something more friendly. Using something soft, such as a couple of bundled up socks, works well. Grab a laundry basket or a plastic bin to designate as the basketball hoop and place it at a few feet away from your child. Once she makes the socks into the basket, move it back a few feet. Have her shoot again, if she misses, place the basket back at the starting point. If she is playing with other children, have the other child take a turn and the one who gets the furthest wins.

These are just a few of many more games you and your little one can play during the cold days outside, or even the rainy days come spring. At Yellow Brick Road, our passion is to help your child grow, learn, and develop individually. Our team is experienced, gentle and here to nurture your child as they learn more about the world around them. We work closely with all of our children to ensure they not only won’t be bored, but that they will thrive and grow as they interact with others and our staff. Visit our website today and enroll into one of our two child care centers. Check back with us to learn more interactive ways to have with your child, helpful daycare tips, and other informational posts.