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Daycare Drop-off Tips

One of the most difficult things to do, as a parent of a young child, is dropping them off for daycare. Some parents struggle more on the first day, and are fine afterward. Some consistently struggle with the idea of having to leave their child in another’s hands on a daily basis. And then there are some parents who don’t mind any of the process, but have kids who find difficulty in being dropped off. Regardless of which parent you are, we have compiled a list of some tips to help make the whole process potentially easier for both you and your child. We will go through the first three, then make sure to check back for part two!

dreamstime_xxl_6416132Favorite Memento

If you are new parent, one of the first things to note for a daycare drop off is making sure you have your child’s favorite toy or blanket for them to hold on to. Bringing an object that reminds them, or smells like home can help ease the separation process for your little one. If your child is a bit older, a personal reminder, such as a picture of you or their family, may be beneficial. Make sure to either put the item in the diaper bag, or have the child holding onto it. And don’t forget the crucial part, don’t forget the memento when you come to pick them up.

Remain Positive

This tip can help both the struggling parent, as well as the child. Because children pick up and feed off of their parent moods, keeping a positive mindset helps the child remain positive themselves. You can talk about the fun activities they will partake in throughout the day, the friends they will meet, or the fun things they may learn. Whichever you choose, encouraging your child to look forward to what their days entails at daycare will help make the drop off easier. As a result, it also helps the parent if the child is excited for day care, rather than crying when their parents leave.

Make It A Habitdreamstime_xxl_40195214

Having a systematic approach to your drop off helps develop the habit in your child, and prepares them for the morning ritual. Develop a pattern that is natural such as a high five or a kiss on the cheek and saying “I love you, have a good day” right before you leave. Another habit that is good to practice would be talking about it the night before, or even on the drive to daycare. Taking time to talk through the events step by step will give your child an expectation of what is going to happen, so they are prepared. Such as: “When we get in the car, we’re going to drive to *insert place of care*, I’ll give you a kiss/hug and then you’re going to play with friends, learn some fun things from your teacher, have a snack, and then I’ll pick you up!”. In extreme cases, parents can orchestrate a photo book for the child, outlining the events of the day.

Dropping your child off at daycare doesn’t have to be a painful event every time. At Yellow Brick Road, our team is trained and prepared to provide a loving, encouraging atmosphere where your child will learn to grow as an individual. We know each child grows differently, and our teachers take the time to nourish and grow them in their specific strengths. To enroll your child, click here, or contact us today to learn more about our program. And make sure to check back for part two of how-to tips for daycare dropoff.