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Drop-off Tips: Pt. 2

Nearly every parent has been there. You’re fighting your little one before, or during, drop-off time at daycare. There are usually many tears, pleading, and a hard grip maintained just in case it helps change their mind. And don’t even get me started on the kids. While it is difficult to drop off your little one, we have some suggestions that may help. As we discussed in our previous post, there are a few tips that have helped both the child and parents have an easier drop off. Let’s take a look at a few more tips that can help ease your mind in the drop-off process.


Try To Plan Extra Time

If your child struggles with a quick drop off, try planning some extra time. Walk into the room with her, let her show you her favorite activity, toy, or what she’s learning. Give her some time to get comfortable with her surroundings while you’re there. Talk with the teachers and let your child start to socialize. We know it’s not realistic to always expect to have that time in the mornings, but trying to plan for it as often as possible can help with the transition for both your child and yourself.

Don’t Crack and Come Back

It’s pretty easy to agree that our children’s tears often melt our insides and make us want to whisk them away. However, it’s important to stick to your guns when you drop them off. Once you’ve said goodbye and done your hugs and kisses, it’s okay to linger outside the door for your own comfort. Under no circumstances though, should you re-enter the room. Coping with separation is key for children to develop with their care providers. It’s also important for you to remain consistent in your goodbye’s, and mean them. Going back into the room when your child is crying causes confusion and will develop incodreamstime_xxl_39979483nsistent responses in their understanding and behavior.

Pick Up Party

An effective way to help your child cope with separation anxiety is by making a big deal when you come to pick her up. When you arrive to get her, reminding her “mommy/daddy will always come back to get you!” will let her know you are consistent and mean what you say. Hug her, kiss her, and encourage her for doing a great job while you were at work. You may find your child, who had such a difficult her when you dropped them off, now wants to stay at daycare.

Yellow Brick Road proudly sets the stage for a comforting and encouraging atmosphere for your child. Our staff has knowledge and experience with those difficult drop-off’s, and will gladly step in to help nurture the child in their environment. We have a mission of helping your child grow at the pace that’s right for them, with caring teachers they can trust. Call today with any questions, or click here to enroll your child. At Yellow Brick Road, your child’s success is our success.