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Top 5 Things Your Child Comes Home With From Daycare

There are many parents who love daycare. It is a great place for their kids to learn, play, and meet new friends while they head to work. Other parents may be a bit skeptical about enrolling their children in daycare. If you are someone who thought about being a stay at home parent, but are now considering daycare, we wanted to give you a heads up.

Parents who have been through the daycare thing before already know just about everything there is to know and they are prepared. They know what to expect. We wanted to get you on the same boat, because when you enroll your child in daycare, they will likely surprise you regularly. One of the things that will surprise you the most is what they come home with.

At Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center in Eden Prairie, we know that kids can be surprising. From showing up at your back door covered in mud with a frog they want to keep as a pet to cleaning up their messes without you asking them, they are extremely unpredictable. But we can tell you a few things that will bring home from daycare. Read on to learn more and be sure to check out our daycare in Eden Prairie!

Better Communication

The first thing your child will take home for daycare is better communication skills. When you enroll your child in daycare, they are spending time with other kids and adults and having to communicate with both groups. This allows them to better adjust their communication styles and learn how to properly communicate with different people.

To be a good communicator, you have to adjust how you communicate based on who you are speaking to. A study mentioned in a Working Mother article found that children who went to daycare were better at adjusting their communication styles.

Your child will learn how to properly communicate with others, communicate what they want, and learn how others communicate as well. You may notice that after some time spent at their daycare, your child will be better at communicating with you and their siblings.

More Confidence

Your child is also likely to come home with more confidence. Since your child will be spending time with a ton of other kids and teachers, they will feel more comfortable in social situations. This will help build their confidence and allow them to feel that in every aspect of their life. They will feel more confident meeting new people, asking their teacher questions, and speaking up in front of a group, which will help them as they grow into adults.

You may notice your little one walking around the house more confidently than before and doing different activities without any doubt. Whether they are trying an art project on their own or asking the neighbor kid to play with them, they will be able to use their new-found confidence in every situation.

More Independence

You may also notice that your kiddo is suddenly more independent after spending time in daycare. Since they will be used to working on their own or doing their own thing at different times throughout their time in daycare, they will be able to feel more independent at home too! They will also get used to not always having a parent or sibling around, which can help build their independence and allow them to complete tasks on their own.

Your child may start dressing themselves, working on art projects without you having to set everything up for them, or clean up their room on their own. Children who attend daycare are much more likely to become independent at a young age.

Better Behavior

Another thing that your child will bring home from daycare is a better behavior. A child will get the chance to socialize with other kids, play, learn, and be involved in a group. They will learn how to work with others, how to handle other people’s emotions, and how to behave properly in social situations. Your kiddo will learn how to share and communicate their needs.

Because of all these important things your child will learn in daycare, they will learn how to be more well behaved. They will begin to understand that being well behaved will get them closer to what they want and be better for them in the long run than misbehaving and they will come home with this attitude.

New Friends

Your child will likely come home every day from daycare with stories of their new friends and all of the funny things that happened to them on that day. They will meet new people and make new friends. They will learn the importance of friends and how to be a good one. You will hear all about their adventures, what they learned, and other fun stories that your child will be so excited to tell you about.

Not only do new friends give your child another person to play with on weekends or hang out with at school, but the skills they learn will be important as they grow older and help them in other social situations.

Love For Learning

You may notice that your child also comes home with a new love for learning. They will learn so much at our childhood development center and they will want to tell you all about all of it. Not only will they be excited to share what they learned, but they will also be excited to learn more. They may ask for more books, they may ask more questions about different topics, and they may start counting everything in your home.

Daycare helps kids realize that learning can be fun and that their imaginations can help them learn new things about the world. With this new love for learning, your child will advance in academics and may be better at school as they get older. In fact, an article from ABC Academy mentions studies that found that kids who spend time in a quality daycare performed better in school as teenagers.

Readiness For Kindergarten

After spending some time in daycare, your child will come home with a readiness for kindergarten. Since your kiddo will already be used to the classroom setting and structured environment, they will have an easier time transitioning into kindergarten. They will also be introduced to letter and number which will help them thrive in the next stage of their life. If you are nervous about your kiddo going to kindergarten, putting them in daycare first can help!

Surprising, right? Many parents are not expecting their children to come home with all of these amazing things after daycare. They are expecting stuff more like macaroni picture, the sniffles, or a few scraps on the knee. You will be pleasantly surprised when your child comes home with all of these positive things.

If you are looking for a quality daycare in Eden Prairie, be sure to check out Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center. We accept kiddos from six months to five years old and can help prepare them for the next stage of their lives and help them learn all of the important skills they need. Learn more about our daycare and contact us today!