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Water Days at YBR

water days at ybr

Who doesn’t just love water days?!

As parents, we all know that Water Days are right up there with Pajama Days and Dress-Up Days in the list of favorites! We love water days at YBR! Our students get to enjoy the sun without feeling the heat while they splash around in the sprinklers, play in the sensory bins, and squirt the spray bottles. We have different activities for students in every classroom and each of them, while super fun, is also educational and encourages development in all areas!

social skills at water day

Social Skills

We teach our children the importance of working together and being kind to each other in everything they do! Water day is the perfect time for our students to practice sharing, caring, and kindness as they play together in the water tables and sprinklers!

gross motor skills at preschool

Gross Motor Skills

What better way to enhance gross motor skills than jumping and splashing in the water?! Our students love running through the sprinklers, stepping in the water, and splashing with all of their strength in the water tables!

sensory skills at preschool

Sensory Skills

Of course, water is the perfect sensory tool! Children love feeling the water run through their hands, splash on their arms, and hearing the water in the sprinkler as they play in it! We also give our kiddos measuring cups and bowls so they can pour the water from one to the other!

boy playing with water gun at preschool

Encouraged Imagination and Creativity!

Finally, water is one of the most fun ways to explore creativity! Our students always come up with new games to play, new ways to play with the water, and new stories to act out during water day!