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Exploring Preschool at YBR!

exploring preschool at ybr

Our toddler teachers are unique, sweet, and caring! They spend their days teaching through playful activities that enhance cognitive and social development in their toddler students! Our kiddos have the best days here at Yellow Brick Road and we want to share some of the activities that make our students excited to continue learning!

art construction paper shapes

Our Exploring Preschool class made their own shape tractors! They were talking about farm equipment and this activity was the perfect way to tie shape recognition into their topic!

paper flowers

These adorable flowers were cut from paper plates and the colors were torn and glued on, giving each of them a unique design! Our toddlers worked on their fine motor skills as they ripped the paper and glued it onto the flower where they wanted it!

under the sea

Our Wobbler class in our Plymouth location has been learning about the ocean and their children love the underwater-feel of their classroom! They created their own jellyfish and added lights and streamers to give our toddlers the full ocean effect!

stained glass at preschool

Our Exploring Preschoolers made their own “stained glass”! This project was a science project and an art project because our students made their art project and then they made predictions about how it would look with the light streaming through the colorful squares!


All of these activities were huge hits with our toddlers and we are sure they will be requested again in the future! Our teachers are full of ideas for their classroom and they continue to surprise their students in the best way with their fun activities. We know that we sure can not wait to see what they will do next!