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Whats is an Outdoor Classroom

outdoor classroom

Have you ever wondered why we prefer Outdoor Classrooms over Playgrounds? Maybe you asked yourself when you first heard about it; “What is an outdoor classroom?” We are here to answer those questions for you!

An Outdoor classroom gives students the freedom to learn outside each day, rather than only inside the classroom. Most playgrounds are only meant for gross motor play while outdoor classrooms are meant to be used as a classroom!

Our teachers take their regular activities outside with our students each day and teach lessons through nature! Our kiddos have more exposure to natural elements in our outdoor classroom with live plants and grass rather than synthetic grass or rubber turf. Our outdoor classrooms promote teacher engagement and they inspire our students to want to know more about the outdoor environments.

Check out this video of our CEO, Jessica Johnsen, and our Regional Director, Kylie Schrader, to hear the differences between outdoor classrooms and playgrounds and to understand the benefits of our outdoor areas here at YBR!