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Communication at YBR

YBR Communicate

At Yellow Brick Road, we understand the importance of communication! When you are dropping your child off on their first day, as any parent would, you get those first-day feelings! You miss them and you hope that they’re having the best day ever! Thankfully, our teachers and leaders are well versed in the world of communication and we keep consistent communication with our parents! As you may have guessed by now, communication is even one of our core values!

Our first line of communication is face-to-face! We invite parents in to have conversations with their teachers and directors at pick-up and drop-off to begin building relationships inside of our schools. Our teachers are nurturing professionals and they want to get to know our parents so that they can work together to create a collaborative learning environment for each of our students! You can also request to have a meeting with our Directors at any time if you have any questions, big or small!

Next up, and one of the most exciting ways that we communicate, is KangarooTime! KangarooTIme is the communication app that we use to allow our teachers to give parents real-time updates throughout the day. You can view pictures, message your teachers, and even pay your tuition through the KangarooTime app!

Speaking of pictures, the pictures that are posted on our social media pages are all pictures that come straight from KangarooTime. These are the pictures that our parents receive every day! They get to see their child learning, playing, smiling, and socializing all from their phones while they are at work! We love to show our community the amazing things going on inside of our schools through our social media pages! If you arent following us on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok yet… you should be!

One method of communication is one that you may already see coming if you’re reading this blog! It’s this blog!! We use this blog to keep our parents and our community updated on the fun, serious, and new things going on at Yellow Brick Road! We love getting our messages out to you all weekly and giving everyone an inside view of what is happening at Yellow Brick Road. If you missed some of our older blogs you may have missed some of the big things going on with us, so be sure to check those out!

As always, our lines of communication are open and we hope that if you have anything that you want to discuss with your teachers or Directors that you won’t hesitate to reach out! We are excited for all of the conversations to come, here at Yellow Brick Road!