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YBR Healthy Heart 30

ybr healthy heart challenge

This week our leadership team unveiled a challenge that we are extending to all teachers in each of our schools to invoke healthy daily habbits! We decided to begin this challenge to give teachers simple ways that they can care for themselves throughout the day while they are caring for our amazing students. This challenge has already gotten our teachers excited and engaged in new healthy habbits and it doesn’t even begin until January 30th.

For thirty days our teachers will use daily trackers to track goals like water intake, reading, rest, healthy foods, and exercise. While this could be considered a fitness challenge; we are focused on promoting healthy habbits that incourage both mental and physical health!

With one of our core values being Communication, we know that it is important to keep our teachers in contact with one another. We have a staff Facebook group that allows our teachers to share ideas, lesson plans, accomplishments, and professional development opportunities. Each day throughout the challenge teachers will post their daily stats to the Faceboook page with the hashtag #YBRHealthyHeart30 so that we can celebrate everyone’s growth and journey!

YBR Healthy Heart Challenge 2022 (SAVERS)

Of course, no challenge is complete without rewards, so there are prizes that teachers can win both weekly and at the end of the challenge!

One of the daily goals is to help set-up a happy and thought-provoking morning routine. This would give our teachers a chance to work on their personal goals and self-development. We know that being a teacher means that they are life-long learners themselves. As leaders, our Directors are constantly looking for ways to inspire each teacher as an individual to engage in self-development. This is the perfect opportunity for our teachers to both come together in the encouraging community they have created and strive for new ways to be their best selves.

If you want to join the teachers of Yellow Brick Road in the challenge, feel free to download this PDF of our daily tracker! We would love to hear about your own journey over the next thirty days so be sure to post your updates and use the hashtag #YBRHealthyHeart30!