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Our Teachers are Your Resource

Professional Development Day at YBR

At Yellow Brick Road we understand the role that our teachers play in both our students and our teachers’ lives. We know that that role goes past educating and nurturing our students. Our teachers have a responsibility to be a resource for our parents as well, and they accept and live out that duty day to day.

Today, during our professional development day, we discussed the importance of supporting our parents in any way that we can with their child’s development. As a parent when you come into a new stage in your child’s life, it is usually the first time you as an individual encounter the new behaviors, habits, and emotions that come along with it. Our teachers, who specialize in their age-group, encounter these things daily, monthly, and annually. They are here to help you through what feels like the tough side of parenting!

Our spring conferences are coming up and we want to encourage our parents to bring any questions, concerns, or exciting moments that they want to discuss to their teachers in the conferences. You can also request a meeting with your teacher or director at any time!

There is the age-old sentence; “it takes a village”. It sounds cliche, but we are here to be that village for our parents and our children. Our teachers and directors work to build a strong and collaborative community inside of our schools and we do not take that responsibility lightly. Our classrooms are a safe-space to learn and grow for our children as well as our parents!

 Speaking of learning and growing, today’s professional development day was full of growth! Our teachers came together (over Zoom) and discussed ways to continue working collaboratively inside of our schools.

mindful minutes

As leaders, we have the responsibility of encouraging our teachers to grow both professionally and personally. We spent thirty minutes before our teachers began working on their conference materials, encouraging our teachers to work on their own personal growth!

We have an All Staff Facebook Page for our teachers to communicate across all of our locations. Today our teachers posted how they spent their thirty minutes of intentional self-growth with the group using the hashtag #YBR30MindfulMinutes!

Some of our teachers journaled about their goals and lessons that they have learned. Other teachers went on a walk as a team! Our Directors checked in one each of our teachers to ensure their time spent went towards self-care!

out for a walk at preschool

Once again, we are thankful for the opportunity that we have to come together and grow as a team during our professional development days! Thank you to all of our parents, teachers, and leaders for your dedication to the success of our students and our team!