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Bricky’s Best Teachers and their Communication!

brickys best teachers

This month we are highlighting our Bricky’s teachers and recognizing our teachers who exude our core value of FUN!!! When you work in our classrooms, it is hard not to have fun every day!

ms. tracy

Ms. Tracy shows so much fun in our infant rooms! She loves to read books and act silly with our babies! Tracy is so much fun to be around and her laugh is contagious! We love Tracy’s willingness to jump in wherever needed and is always ready to have fun with the kids no matter what room she is in!

ms. becks

Ms. Becks in our Maple Grove location is SO much fun! She is always bringing so much joy to our Preschoolers, complete with a big smile on her face. She is helping to make lessons and activities fun and exciting to ensure they are holding each child’s attention and interest. She loves to interact with all the kiddos and join in on all the fun they are having with one another. We are so lucky to have Ms. Becks and all of her FUN as a part of our YBR family!

ms. katie

Ms. Katie in our Eden Prairie location is always so much fun to be around! She is willing to be silly with the kids and you can always hear her contagious laugh from another room. Ms. Katie exemplifies our core value of Fun at our Eden Prairie school as both a teacher and a mentor teacher. She works with her students and co-workers to ensure every day at Yellow Brick Road is FUN!

ms. aruna

Ms. Aruna inour Plymouth location is always giggling and laughing with the children in her class and with her co-workers. She always has a smile on her face and is alwaysplanning fun activities in her classroom for her students. We are so happy to have Ms. Aruna’s fun personality at YBR Plymouth!


Each of these amazing teachers understand that working at Yellow Brick Road is FUN! They come in with their warm smiles and fun personalities offering exciting and fun days each and every day!