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Picture Day

children hugging at preschool
two kids at photo day

As a parent, it is an honest challenge taking the perfect picture of your kids! From trying to get them to sit still, smile towards the camera, and hold their attention every part of taking professional pictures with children can be tough! Thankfully, we had an amazing team of photographers visit our school for our Spring Picture Day a few weeks ago and we learned some great tips from watching them in action!

We want to share the tips and tricks that we learned and some behind the scenes footage with you all!

Tip Number 1:

Children will not sit still for pictures, so take them fast! This was fun to watch in person because the photographers would take 3-5 pictures every few seconds looking for the more energetic and professional picture in the bunch.


Tip Number 2:

Draw their attention to the camera. We wanted to be sure our COVID procedures were followed while out photographers were in the building so our teachers and directors were directing the children, helping them post, and giving them props. There were a lot of moving pieces in picture day and we had to make sure the attention was on the photographer. They brought noise toys with them, they sang songs to the kids as they took pictures, and they would talk to the children to keep their attention. These photographers were top-notch!


Tip Number 3:

Smile so they smile! When you have family photos taken, and when we had our photographers come into the schools, our children don’t usually know the photographers. Our children know us, they trust their parents and teachers so when the familiar faces they know are happy, they are happy too!


Tip Number 4:

Make it fun! We teach our students to learn through play. Our children correlate “school” with “fun” (and so do we)! When we see the end result we can’t help but to smile because we know how much fun picture day is for our students. In the pictures they all look so happy and like they are laughing, because they are happy and they are laughing! These pictures are great memories and we are thrilled they are fun ones!


Tip Number 5:

Order your photo package online! This one may not seem like a tip or trick but it is! When you order your pictures online you can see a fifth picture that is not printed on the proof sheet. Make sure before your submit your order you look at that fifth pose!

Now that you know our secrets of how we thrived through picture day we want to share those promised behind the scenes pictures!